Letter Re: Salt Blocks and Free Firewood

Mr. Rawles:

I wanted to say what a great and informative site you have, I just recently found it, and have started reading the archives. I haven’t read much but I haven’t seen anything on putting out salt or trace mineral blocks to attract deer. I think it would be helpful to have several on hand.Ours is in the pasture behind the house and many mornings we could have shot from the deck. I think it’s a good idea to put them out now so the deer will have established a routine of visiting them.

Also concerning firewood, my husband owns a tree service, and is always looking for somewhere to dump wood. He has several people that let him dump wood that is suitable for firewood, so that all they have to do is work it up, and burn any leftover brush. It’s a blessing to both. He dumps there when he is in the area to save fuel and time, and they don’t have to search for wood. So some of your readers may want to contact a local tree service if they have an area where a dump truck won’t get stuck and will have easy access without having to wait on a gate to be unlocked.   Thanks, –   L.F.

JWR Replies: I did indeed bring up the topic of salt blocks for attracting game several months ago, but it bears repeating. In a survival situation, why “hunt” when you can have the protein come to you, and you then can pick and choose the healthiest looking critters? My advice is to buy plenty of salt blocks, including extras for barter and charity.