Letter Re: Patriots, New Zealand, and L1A1s

Dear Mr Rawles,
I recently bought and read your book, “Patriots, Surviving the Coming Collapse.” Can I say congratulations on penning such a great read, great story and heaps of useful info. I have read it twice and my wife has just finished it, she loved it too.

We live in the lower part of the south island of New Zealand, in the countryside about 30 km from the nearest town, reading your book has inspired us to make ourselves more self sufficient, thank you.

As an interesting point, I read an article written by you regarding the L1A1 Rifle, we call them SLRs (Self Loading Rifle). They were used by the New Zealand Army for many years and when the Army adopted the Steyr [AUG] they all went to civilian auction, Myself and a few friends grabbed 10 of them, they are still very common around here, a great rifle as far as I am concerned. The L1A1s here are all Lithgow models, most still in pretty good condition. Anyway thanks for a great book, it will no doubt be read many more times yet. Kind regards, – S.K.