Confessions of a Knifeaholic

A gentleman from Colorado named Leonard recently mailed me a couple of new-in-box of AXIS lock Benchmade pocketknives (Model 940s with green panels), to help raise cash for SurvivalBlog. That was very kind and generous of him. I was tempted to keep one of them for my collection, but The Memsahib insisted that I list both of them in my mail order catalog. She told me that I have too many knives. She didn’t go so far as calling me a knifeaholic, but I must admit that its true. I do have a lot of knives–folders, skinners, fighters, and kitchen cutlery. Not to mention bayonets. I have momentary lapses–mainly at gun shows–where I buy an extra knife (or two), justifying the purchase because of our kids. I can safely assume that they’ll each need a set of useful knives when they go off to college and start families of their own. As it stands now, they’ll each be very well equipped. Let’s see: I’ve set aside for each of them a Swiss Army knife, a Andy Sarcinella skinner, a Leatherman, an L1A1 bayonet, and a Glock field knife, and… Uh oh. I guess that I’d better not enumerate the full list, or else The Memsahib might get in one of those dreaded pouty moods. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it is no fun, believe you me.

My idea of fun is scanning through the knife sections at web sites like and Cheaper Than Dirt. How can I help myself? Like an alcoholic, a knifeaholic tends to rationalize. And those rationalizations make lot of sense. (At least to me.) Why leave my money in U.S. dollars which are gradually being inflated away, when instead I could could put it in tangible, practical, stainless steel? Why not have a Leatherman in each vehicle–just in case? There I go again. I’m so horribly warped that even as I’m writing this, buying just one more knife is starting to sound like a good idea. Oooohhh! I just stumbled across my bookmark for US Cavalry Store. Now, after spending a few therapeutic minutes at that site, I ‘ve changed my mind. I don’t have a problem at all.