Follow-Up Letter From “Shooter” Re: The Draw Technique, or “Shooter’s Five Steps to Keeping Ten Fingers”

I should probably put a disclaimer at the top of my next article. Let me say that “B.B.” is right. We should all be aware of our local laws and regulations with regards to use of lethal force. That being said, as Instructor Greg told me last night, armed citizens will probably draw their weapons more times than they will shoot them in a potential lethal force encounter. It is my hope and goal in writing these articles for the Survivalblog readership that we all operate under the same fundamental techniques. Not that I want to re-invent the wheel, but, rather, create a better one with tips and techniques learned from accredited instructors. Just remember that I am providing tips, tools, and techniques to make you a better and stronger warrior in TEOTWAWKI times.
Another trick we learned in class to help remember we live in a 360 degree world is to count how many fingers that someone standing behind you is holding up. Everyone in the class practices this while on the firing line. By shouting out the number of fingers, you verbally confirm that you have scanned the threat area behind you.
B.B. reminds us all that keeping the finger in register and off the trigger is a good habit to have. He’s absolutely right! You want to keep that finger as high in register as possible so when they play the cheapest and grainiest convenience store surveillance footage, your intentions are perfectly clear to the jury. I can’t stress the three rules enough:
1) Keep your finger off the trigger.
2) Keep your #$%& finger off the trigger.
3) Keep your #$%& finger off the &$%# trigger.*  
*unless sights are confirmed and it is safe to shoot.
Best Regards, – Shooter