Letter Re: Success in Treating Flu with Sambucol

I thought I would let you also know that Sambucol works incredibly well. My youngest daughter started feeling bad last Wednesday night. It was the situation where she remarked that she felt a bit more tired than usual. Her physical activity is very good, and swim team practice was a bit more rigorous than usual because of an upcoming swim meet that was scheduled for Saturday. When she woke up Thursday morning she was running a fever and listless. Wednesday night I had talked to a friend who had used Sambucol and it helped his case of the flu. By about 2 PM Thursday afternoon her fever was 103.8! She took some Tylenol and I went in search of Sambucol, not expecting to find it because our town is somewhat small. I did find it a local organic market much to my surprise. I gave her the first dosage about 3 PM or so. Before I gave the dose to her I took her temperature and her fever had only dropped by a few tenths of a degree after the Tylenol. After the dose of Sambucol I took her temperature about and hour and a half later. Her temperature had dropped to about 101.6. A little later in the evening she got up and ate a little, and remained up for about two hours. By morning her temperature had dropped to about 100.8. I kept following the dosage directions and she actually sat up most of the day Friday. By Friday evening her temperature was normal. She had received only the one dose of Tylenol on Thursday. I kept giving her the Sambucol per directions throughout the day. On Saturday morning she said she felt that she could swim in a couple shorter events. I gave her the last dose of Sambucol before the swim meet as a ‘just in case’ measure. She said her energy was lower than normal, which was to be expected, but she did manage to swim in the meet. I know that scientifically this would be called anecdotal evidence. But if this is any indication of the effectiveness of Black Elderberry extract [Sambucol] on the immune system’s ability to fight off a flu virus, then it is definitely the most effective medication/nutritional supplement I have ever seen. I am definitely keeping a supply on hand, probably in lozenge form because of the expiration date is longer. As for the taste of Sambucol, if my daughter will take it willingly then no one should have a problem getting his or her kids to take it. It has a very light taste she said that reminded her of grape juice. While I took care of her I took one teaspoon on Thursday and one on Friday as a preventative for me. And I never got the feeling I was coming down with the flu from being in so close a proximity to her. Thanks for your time Mr. Rawles, – The Rabid One