Letter Re: Washington’s Retreat Potential

I may have something to add concerning Washington’s [retreat potential] ranking. I just left there last year and my experience has shown it have not only the Cali- syndrome but a lot of [liberal out-of-staters that have moved there are] are “Washingtonians In Name Only” (WINOs.) For married folks who have a relationship that is faltering, it is not good to be a man in Washington right now. The recent Brame shooting has given a wonderful opportunity for immature, greedy spouses to dump their hubbies into the prison system on trumped up domestic violence charges. Finding conventional work and being able to afford a place to live has definitely gone south with higher rent eating up most of a persons wages. Forget land in the Pugetopolis area (Olympia-Everett). I had a Veteran’s Administration (VA) [home loan qualification] certification that I couldn’t use because everything was twice again higher than what it was good for. Also land use legislation that was passed in the last year has restricted what you can build on your property now. You have to have permission to build on your own land. Further, if you want to build an alternative house such as an Earthship or other “scrap house” it will not happen on the “wet side” [of the Cascade mountain range.] Various friends I know who are in the building trade have told me that no permits will be issued for these type of houses. The developers seem to have the building authorities by the n**ds on this one. Money talks and it is a society of exclusivity there. It also appears that you are not really allowed to really develop your own way. Both in livelihood and living. WINOs again. My experience has shown they will try to force you to go for a high powered job in your existing skills, not allow you to change direction, try and persuade you to go into debt to finance a lifestyle they approve of and retaliate if you don’t bow to their wishes. Even to turning a family member against you. I love societal judgments. (Innuendos.) That describes better than anything the lack of maturity and lack of objectivity in getting to the bottom of anything. Opportunities appear to be better across the mountains though. – J.W. (A former Washington resident, now exiled to Kansas)