Letter Re: New Year’s Resolutions: Recommended Reading Material

Hi Folks,
How about New Year Resolutions? Made any yet? We all will make plenty I’m sure. Why not make one to read the following books (if you already haven’t) Patriots, Unintended Consequences, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and Molon Labe. Also read the shareware novels Lights Out and The Bug Out. IMHO they are all excellent manuals for when TSHTF and TEOTWAWKI. They have all touched me deeply and profoundly. They have opened my eyes wider than back when we were preparing for the Y2K fire drill. The latest one that I read was The Bug Out [a short story by SurvivalBlog reader David Crawford, a.k.a. “Half Fast”.] He also wrote Lights Out. I believe it was suggested by a SurvivalBlog reader. By the way, thank you. It’s a short read of maybe an hour or two. Have your spouse read it as well. Heck, how’s about the whole family. This would greatly help everyone be on the same page or at least understand where you are coming from (a big problem sometimes.) I would suggest that after reading it that you sit down and make a list of the right and wrong things the hero of the story did or didn’t do. Review your answers with your own preparation plans. Plan accordingly. Honestly, it scared the Schumer out of me. I know we are all working as hard as we can and that’s another reason why it scares me. Some of us, for whatever reason, will not be prepared. Besides Murphy’s Law, I believe that nature will thin a lot of us out before we really get going. I don’t want my family, myself or you and yours to be one of them. I hope this helps folks. – Larry in Kansas

JWR Replies: Thanks for making those book recommendations. Here are some sources for those books:

The Bug Out is posted online at: http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=172494

Lights Out can be read in its entirety at: http://www.giltweasel.com/stuff/LightsOut-Current.pdf

The novel Molon Labe is available from Boston T. Party’s Javelin Press.  (http://www.javelinpress.com/)

The novel Enemies Foreign and Domestic is available directly from Matthew Bracken’s web site. (http://www.enemiesforeignanddomestic.com)

Most of the other books cited are available through Fred’s M14 Stocks. As of this writing, Fred is still offering a great three book package deal: one copy of my novel “Patriots” + one copy of Matthew Bracken‘s novel Enemies Foreign and Domestic + one copy of Boston’s Gun Bible, all for $50.

Please mention SurvivalBlog when you order any of these books!