The Inauguration Factor: What Will Happen to Battle Rifle and Magazine Prices in 2009 and Beyond?

There is much conjecture in shooting publications and online forums about BHO‘s upcoming inauguration. Some (myself included) have predicted that the new Administration will unleash a flurry of executive orders in their first few week. Among these will likely be a ban on semi-automatic firearms and so-called “high capacity” magazines. This may be followed soon after by the permanent re-enactment of the 1994-to-2004 Federal “Assault weapons” ban.

Alas, probably too late, HK plans to build and sell their “416”-style uber-railed MR556 and MR762 rifles in the United States. The scheduled release date is “sometime in late 2009” That is the wrong end of Aught Nine, in my estimation. There will likely be a ban in place by then. Meanwhile, after a 18-year hiatus from civilian sale, there is still no firm word from Steyr about the release date of the much-anticipated flat-top (“A3”) AUGs in the US. At least SIG got their SIG-556 rifles and pistols into production in time, and ditto for FN’s PS90 (5.7) and FS-2000 (5.56) bullpups, and RRA’s LAR-8 .308. But those have only been produced in relatively small numbers compared to the plethora of AR-15s being churned out in 31 flavors from umpteen makers. <Sarcasm Mode On> I expect to see a Martha Stewart Edition floral motif AR-15, any day now. <Sarcasm Mode Off.> OBTW, have you seen this DeWalt (a one-of creation), and the CavArms pink AR-15s?)

So the SIG 556, “SIG Classic“, and other “produced in only small numbers before the ban” rifles will be worth a fortune, if and when there is another ban. I’m planning to buy one or two, just as an investment. That is, if I can find one in captivity on the secondary market. Another few question marks out there: The FN SCAR, the Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR, and the Kel-Tec RFB .308 bullpup. If any of those new guns make it to market before a ban and the price is reasonable, then pounce on them. They will be sure to appreciate in value handsomely.

The current market for semi-auto battle rifles, full capacity magazines, and even ammo can best be described as “frenzied.” I can make no firm predictions, but I think that I can safely presage that both the depth and breadth available product selection and the prices your local gun shop or gun show in 2012 will be much different than today. Some of the biggest price gains will be in 11+ round magazine prices. Stock up!