Note from JWR:

The latest news on my novel “Patriots“: The new edition from Ulysses Press is still on track for release in April or perhaps early May. It will include both a glossary and an index. It has been updated, re-edited, and re-titled: “Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse.” It will also feature a quite eye-catching new cover. (Subject to a few final tweaks in Photoshop.) Thanks for your patience, folks!

Letter Re: Free Gunfighting Tactics Videos

Jim, Blackhawk has done some short videos with Todd Jarrett where he discusses reloading, shooting on the move, and assuming the prone position. When assuming the prone position make sure the weapon is pointed down range and that you don’t cover your weak hand/arm. An IPSC shooter shot himself with a .38 Super while practicing the prone position at a range where I shoot. Reloading Shooting on the Move Assuming Prone Position Regards, – Bill N.

Letter Re: Victorian Era Farm Skills in the UK

James, Thanks for your continued efforts in continuing to bring the right thinking to a troubled world. I have one heads up and one question that you might be able to help with. 1. Heads up : For UK-based readers (and those who have access to UK IP address) you might like to point out to them a series currently running on BBC 2 : Victorian Farm To quote from the BBC site: “Historical observational documentary series following a team who live the life of Victorian farmers for a year. Wearing period clothes and using only the materials that would …

Letter Re: Practicing for High-Stress Shooting Situations

Mr. Rawles, Here is an essay, “The Five P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance,” by Michael Gaddy concerning gun ownership and training, a method for practicing for high-stress shooting such as might occur in a home invasion, and a recommendation to find out how your local law enforcement department might respond to an unlawful order to confiscate firearms. Perhaps your readers may find it interesting. I hope the Memsahib is continuing her recovery. Best wishes. – “Emma Lee”

Odds ‘n Sods:

George S. found this article: Cold leaves bio-diesel school buses at a standstill    o o o Eric L. sent us a link to a recent radio show clip, where economist Peter Schiff is starting to talk like a SurvivalBlogger.    o o o Signs of incipient economic depression: America’s once insatiable appetite for imported electronic gadgets has waned: Circuit City closing remaining 567 stores. (Thanks to Dan S. for the link.) And “The Divemaster” sent us this NPR news story: Searching for Vital Signs in a Sick Economy    o o o Cowboy spotted this: Smith & Wesson sales …