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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Today has an interesting article on the arms buildup of Turkey along the Syrian border.

Brexit Preppers

It may be for the wrong reason, but at least it’s moving people in the right direction. Fear that they won’t be able to get their favorite foodstuffs anymore have driven many of Britain’s housewives to stockpiling food and medicine. In a first world country like Britain, separate trade agreements outside of the EU will obviously be made once Britain has exited the EU, but these housewives don’t trust that they will still have access to things they need and want. Many who wanted to stay part of the EU have formed a group called “48% Preppers”, so named after the vote percentage who wished to remain in the EU. In a way it’s kind of silly, but hey, whatever it takes to get people to get out of the “Just in Time” mentality. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Cracked on TSA

Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large, dredged up this old article from Cracked, a typically liberal organization. However, they’ve hit this one on the head and it’s still just as valid today as it was six years ago. “7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Security Expert’s Perspective)” is an excellent short treatise on why the TSA is one of the worst security organizations in existence. It’s proof that even a humor organization can get valid information from an expert.

Low Income

Also from Mike Williamson comes this article on what “low income” means when you live in California’s Bay area. If you live in the San Francisco area and you make less than $117,000/year, you now qualify as a low income family. A report out from the Department of Housing and Urban Development found that the media price for a single-family home in the area was now $935,000. When you see pictures of what a million dollars will buy you, you might think twice before buying. You’d probably get a better home in one of Detroit’s run down areas for just a couple hundred dollars. it’s worth noting that the area offers very low survivability during an economic crisis.

Turkey Invasion Imminent?

From Pat Cascio, SurvivalBlog’s Senior Field Gear Editor, comes this article on the massive arms buildup of the Turkish government on Syria’s border. 80,000 troops and trainloads of heavy armor have been moving to the border in the days since John Bolton’s meetings with Turkey. The article states that they believe Turkey will begin deploying along the border from ten different locations about 10 kilometers deep into the border with the intend of clearing an area 30,000 square kilometers from what they consider terror organizations. What they call a “terror corridor” is actually the traditional homeland of the Kurdish people who fought side-by-side with the US against ISIS.

William Barr

Reader M.D. sent in this article on William Barr, Trump’s new Attorney General pick. Barr has a long history of anti-gun positions, but understanding that he was AG from 1991 to 1993 is critical and nobody is asking questions about that. He was the one in charge during the Ruby Ridge standoff in which Vicky Weaver and her child were shot by FBI snipers and his 14 year old son was killed. Both the Justice Department and the FBI concealed evidence and called for blanket immunity for the FBI despite an internal investigation that suggested criminal charges against FBI officials. It’s also worth mentioning that despite his insistence that he had no knowledge of those operations, there is evidence that he received up to 20 phone calls concerning Ruby Ridge in the 24 hours before Vicki Weaver was killed.

Consistency in Carry

Reader B.E. wrote in to ask the SurvivalBlog community:

I’ve recently been informed of the importance of consistency in carry, i.e. carrying weaponry in the same general area consistently and practicing the way you will fight. For me, when I am able to carry my handgun I carry it in the same general location but I am not always able to legally carry. Nor am I able to be exactly the same everyday with what I carry. For instance, when I’m at the gym I carry a neck knife but when I wear a tucked shirt for work this knife is not easily accessible and, if I am at work, I rely on a ‘tactical’ pen in my right pocket. When I can, I replace this pen with a folding knife and practice using both in almost the same motion.

I also add a small folder from time to time in my back pocket, next to my wallet. How do I condition myself to recognize what I’m carrying on any given day? I imagine there’s little worse than grabbing for a knife in my back pocket that isn’t there when I need it or reaching for a knife when I should reach for the gun because I’m not used to it being there. Advise appreciated. Thanks and God bless.

Defending a Venezuelan Homestead

Here is an interesting article on defending your homestead from the perspective of a Venezuelan. As predicted, the city has serious shortages of everything and the citizens of the towns are now “foraging” through the countryside for supplies. As the title of the article states: Eventually people will come for what you have. The article gives some advice on equipment and operations that have been necessary for the homesteader to retain control of their properties. This is definitely worth a read.

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  1. My best advice for BE is to carry everything you are allowed to all the time in those restricted areas, even if it might be difficult to access. You never know what time or opportunity you will have to deploy, so having it is better than not. My experience has demonstrates that my first grab in a crisis situation is field expedient, like something on my desk or on my nightstand (coffee mug, flashlight, lamp, book, shoe, umbrella etc). In a mobile crisis, depending on locus to threat, it is either fists and feet, or flee first. Drawing a weapon almost always comes with thought. In general, in the few times I’ve had to, my instinct always goes for a draw on something I have on me at the time. The biggest factor in that is what threat level (Coopers Situational Awareness Index) your mind is operating under. Anytime I am not at home, I am in level Orange. I am Yellow at home and awake, and white when sleeping at home. If you are at level Orange, you will be aware of what weapons you are carrying and be ready to deploy them.

    At level Orange, when I am walking around in our office area at work, I will be ready to draw and defend every time I approach a corner or a door, and I know when someone is approaching my cubicle even if I can’t see them. At meetings I am regularly scanning the audience to see how everyone is behaving. Just learned behavior I guess.

    1. Thank you. I do carry my neck knife every day, despite the tucked shirt. It’s more that I focus on the quicker-access options. And as a man with a coffee habit, the large metal Thermos on my desk ought to serve as a good bludgeon.

  2. B.E. ~ there is no magic answer. Consistency and practice, Consistency and practice, Consistency and practice. The need for Mental Muscle Memory (3M) comes way before the need to act under stress. Lastly, if the areas you’re essentially unarmed are usually the same, use that to your advantage. Mentally note the most obvious areas of vulnerability and possible items, paths & scenarios which you could use to your advantage. And by the way, I also may mention –
    Consistency and practice. LuvYerBro

  3. Re. Turkey This is the same CRF traitor John Bolton who pushed America into Iraq. 4,563 Americans have lost their lives so far and Bolton and yet still has “NO REGRETS”. That’s evil in my book. Different White House same Swamp Creatures.

  4. William Barr, that is something not known that he was the head guy during Ruby Ridge, so what we have here is another fox guarding the hen house, so to speak. No wonder Nancy Polise said off camera that he’ll have an easy time getting ok’ed for A.G. ( Just another closet Liberal )

    1. Another scaly swamp creature, like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. I wish Trump had advisers capable of picking someone who is not one of those foul, evil Neocons. The same creatures from the same stinking, polluted, corrupt swamp that bred Nazi Pelosi and Schmucky Schumer.

      Herd all these folks back into D.C., then BUILD THAT WALL around that 10 miles square.

  5. Ironically, I just spoke of Brexit less than 30 minutes ago with a British businessman who is currently in the U.S. for a week. He said there is massive confusion within the public citizenry, and everyone (not only housewives, but small business owners as well) is stocking up with 2 to 4 weeks of food and sundries in anticipation of delivery shortages. He said he personally knows a pharmacist who put in larger-than-usual orders to his suppliers a while ago so as to stockpile a few months’ worth of drugs, especially the critical ones.

    The tabloids are highlighting “British mums” taking the brave step of stockpiling two weeks of food. I smiled at the businessman and told him there’s an entire community that considers two MONTHS’ worth “a nice start”.

    I chose not to broach the issue of ammo stockpiling. I have family in the UK, and the Brits generally consider 1000 rounds to be an “arsenal”. He would have freaked out at how much ammo I have in my inventory, let alone how much some fellow Survivalbloggers must have. 🙂

  6. Who knew that President Trump would be so bad in picking qualified people for his administration.

    I had heard prior to his election, Trump picked the best of the best to get the jobs he needed done.

    It’s obvious now, President Trump’s selections are not the best but the very worst one could pick.

      1. That’s why these people are fired. If you know anything about Trump or his best selling book, The Art of The Deal… you’ll know the two cardinals rules to success..

        1) Remove (fire) all negative naysayers
        2) Be around people who have gone where you want to go in life

        A cardinal rule is above a plain old rule.

  7. RE: US support of the Kurds against ISIS.
    There are so many thngs wrong here I don’t know where to begin. Maybe that we created the entire ISIS threat ourselves in order to justify our invasion of sovereign nations? That thousands of patriotic Americans have been duped into surrendering their family members to this insanity? That despite killing God-only-knows how many people in their homeland we are no closer to solving anything?
    There are a lot of people that need to answer to God for their actions, preferably sooner rather than later.
    I was one of those caught up in the hoopla after 9/11, I admit I made a bad decision to support a war with no endpoint and no real goals.

    1. What’s insanity is that there are more people killed on either side of the unsecured border than by guns per annum.

      The Libtards seem to pitch gun control (Senator Gillibrand from New York) at every press conference but fail to mention an insecure US border is killing more people than guns.


  8. To BE: Live to fight another day: realize bad guy(s) WILL be carrying, even if you are not. A worry about legalities, when you will be hurt or killed because you are NOT armed by dicta and choice, is chasing the wind. Either embrace the suck, or carry regardless. If you stay legal, you can still be quite dead. And, you can lose a fight, even if armed. Choose life! Accept all the risks. You get to go home instead of a morgue; you may end up fired; but if you ever need “it” and “it’s” not there, then neither will you be. Practice daily and often; but be prepared. Or not.

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