A Sure Gain of 10% in 10 Days: Forever Stamps

There are very few investments that can earn you a sure 10% profit in one year. But what about one that will earn you 10% in just 10 days? That’s not just wishful thinking. It is a certainty that the cost of “forever” U.S. postage stamps will increase in cost by 10% on January 27, 2019. The cost of a First Class Forever Stamp will go up from 50 Cents to 55 Cents. This is one of the largest rate increases in the history of the USPS.  (The largest in Dollar terms and one of the largest, in percentage terms.)

I am recommending that all SurvivalBlog readers who live in the U.S. and U.S. Possessions stock up on Forever Stamps, as soon as possible. There are likely to be shortages of these stamps as soon as January 21st, 2019.

Who Should Buy Them?

All Americans should buy a two or three year supply for their general correspondence. And anyone who runs a mailorder business and that ships their small packages via U.S. mail should consider buying and even larger supply.

Reader Chris M. in alerting us to this news, noted:

“On the one hand: you are far better off (financially) sending e-mail/text messages/phone calls rather than paying the Post Office to deliver letters for you. On the other hand, as there are times when mailing a letter presents a great value: sending in 10 Cent Challenge to Survival Blog, mailing someone a note of appreciation, mailing small packages, etc.

With this upcoming increase, consider acquiring several years’ worth of stamps now. The Forever Stamps you buy now will continue to increase in value with subsequent postage rate increases.

A note for those who commonly send 2-ounce letters: the price for an additional-ounce is decreasing from $0.21 to $0.15. Additional ounces are not a “non-denominated forever-style” stamp and you need the exact value for those stamps. The Post Office has not yet released any $0.15 stamps, so if you want to have additional-ounce stamps on hand you’ll need to buy $0.10’s and $0.05’s. Of course, the Post Office would be happy if you instead chose to continue using $0.21 additional-ounce stamps.”

A Key Proviso

Keep in mind that the U.S. Postal service DOES NOT buy back stamps, even in sealed packages, ostensibly because of hygiene reasons. And the secondary market for stamps is always discounted. So Forever Stamps are not a “buy and re-sell” proposition. They are strictly a hedge on inflation. Never buy more than you can eventually use. – JWR






  1. I wanted to add a little note of clarification about the “additional ounces” – something I wasn’t aware of when I initially emailed in.

    The USPS does have “Additional Ounce Forever Stamps” available. I wasn’t aware of them since I never use them!

    The $0.15 Additional Ounce Forever Stamps can be pre-ordered now but aren’t available till Jan 27. Or, you can buy $0.21 Additional Ounce Forever Stamps now (but those will drop in value on Jan 27).

  2. A good investment and a saving of 10% over what will soon be the standard price. It is certainly an example of where the “real” rate of inflation is .

  3. My 92 year old father in law loves to use snail mail especially celebratory cards, with so many kids, grandkids and great grandkids along with many friends he goes through a lot of stamps. Even tho he is more than able to afford them he still appreciates it when I send him a book of stamps for part of his Christmas gift. Thanks for the reminder, I thought they were already raised, I’m on my way to the local post office.

  4. Snowing at the moment but will definitely go tomorrow to buy a big supply. It fits right in with the food stockpile mentality – cheaper to buy it now while the prices are lower, for later use. I will also order a small supply of the additional-ounce Forever stamps while I’m there. Thanks guys for the tip!

  5. Just a note, I remember a few years ago they quietly unannounced that they lowered the price of postage thus monetizing they’re debt. Sneaky! If they do this again after this increase I would describe that as something other than sneaky.

    1. And you have a much wider selection to choose from than you can usually find at the local Post Office.
      The ones I picked this time are a set of fanciful dragon stamps.

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