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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. There is a great lesson in gun safety in today’s odds ‘n sods.

Global Warming…or Something

Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice — Refugee Director Blames Global Warming

Great Deal

From JWR: I just noticed that (one of our most loyal advertisers) is now selling Austrian Army UT-2000 Half Sled Packs. With this clever design, you join two packs together to form a cargo snow sled. Grab a pair before they sell out!

The Great Divide

Europe is splitting in two. On one side is Germany and France who have formed a pact where border town “Eurodistricts” are being formed where French and German towns are merging their public transportation and utilities along with eroding the national sovereignty of both countries in favor of the Eurozone. On the other side stand Italy, Poland, and Hungary that have formed an alliance against such moves, strengthening each countries ability to remain sovereign within the EU. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has actually said he would like to see anti-immigration parties gaining a majority in the European Parliament elections later this year.


Reader DSV sent in this article showing that the authorities are having a slight problem with Boulder, Colorado’s latest gun restriction. Everyone within the city limits is required to have registered their scary black rifles with the police. Instead, a significant portion of the population are saying that they will not comply. Meanwhile, the legislation is being attacked by the Mountain States Legal Foundation as a violation of the Second Amendment. The town has a population of 107,000 people and only 342 rifles were registered. I’m very disappointed in those 342 people, but proud that the others are standing strong.

Muslim Free Gun Range Update

There are some new updates on the alleged “Muslim Free” gun range controversy. As the story has started unfolding, the Muslim who is banned is claiming discrimination based upon his religion. However, that might not be the complete story. Apparently, he came into the store pre-wired for recording, violated the stores safety polices on loaded weapons and might have threatened the store personal through his threatening stance and revealing his personal weapon as a threat. In addition to these anomalies, it would appear that the person is a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations which has strong ties to terrorism. A Federal court has dismissed the question of discrimination but the conflicting accusations have to go to trial.

Gun Safety

Reader T.J. sent in this excellent lesson in gun safety. In the video, Lafayette officers are serving a warrant on a residence. There are three officers and the body cam footage is used off of two of the officers. While clearing the house, one officer repeatedly flags himself with his own weapon because he is using his pistol mounted flashlight as search illumination. This is an error due to complacency. The critical error comes when the caged dog knocks down the door to his cage causing panic among the officers as they vacate the home. In the ensuing rush for the door, one officer shoots another in the back by accident. You actually have to watch the slow motion though because it’s not the officer you first think it is. The host describes the incident very well and points out what went wrong. A very good lesson indeed. A third lesson taken is that none of the officers have first-aid equipment or capability on their persons to render aid. Thankfully, the shot officer is OK.

Drone Primer

Are you wondering how a prepper might be able to use a drone? A SurvivalBlog reader sent in this article that gives a pretty comprehensive overview on preppers and drones. These are not armed drones or anything like that, but just good solid reasons on why you might want to use a surveillance type drone. It covers things like the ability to see your perimeter without exposing yourself, including giving you a perspective from above that you wouldn’t normally have. Many drones today are incredibly quiet as well and give you a stealth capability. Finally, you get a short buying guide on what types of drones would be suitable for your needs. If you are just getting started, you need to read this article.

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  1. The EU as a single entity seems doomed. They have not been able to get along and play nice for the past 5,000 years so why would they be able to do so now? The 20th century shows just how much divide there really is amongst the neighboring Nations and for those who have forgotten, the 20th century was yesterday.

  2. The Five levels of Trust:
    1. The government man says: Its raining outside. I can look out the window and verify. Trust level is good.
    2. The government man says: its 35 degrees outside. I can use simple technology to verify, trust level is good.
    3. The government man says: the temperature at 70,000 feet altitude is -42 degrees, I cannot verify without extremely expensive equipment, but others can, so I kind of trust this because someone else can verify it. Trust level is OK, at this point it does not affect me.
    4. The government man says the temperature at 70,000 feet is too high and we must do something about it. There is no way for anybody to verify this, because no one knows what that temperature is “supposed to be” and there is no historical record or research possible for it going back hundreds or thousands of years for a “control” or “normal” to be established. Trust gone.
    5. The government man says “I am taking some of your money, and restricting your activities to fix this problem in the upper atmosphere, and you are not allowed to question or dispute me” Trust in your ammo box, I trust it is full.

  3. The Question Comes to mind, how much of this is wishful thinking of americans?
    Since the EU existed, there has be no war between members and that means the longest time of Peace parts of Europe has known for 5000 Years

    It is also the longest time of Peace between France and Germany for centuries and i personaly are very glad about this.

    1. So for more or less, 30 years in a 5000 year period, you judge the EU as a success. Less than ½ of one percent. WOW. Apparently your measure of success varies quite a bit than mine.

      What I will vehemently object to is if the US is drawn into another armed conflict for the sake of Germany/France/Europe. I really don’t care if the Europeans live in harmony or not.

      We need to quit this forward deployment/force projection crap. We need to bring our troops home. Why do you think the euros and canadians embrace their socialist programs. The US provides for their defense and our bases/installations provide economic boosts for their countries. Essentially in a round about way, like all good socialists, they are spending someone else’s money (yours and mine).

      1. More like 70 years and under this measure the time the USA existed peacefully in itself is how Long?

        What you will vehemently object has never happened, not more than France and spain supported massively your Revolution for pure altruistic Motives.
        Roosevelt called a high Price from Britain, and if the US hadn´t become a part of the war most likely the Sowjetunion would´ve conquered Europe
        And as Torch proved, the USA is no longer safe behind the oceans

        I would be very interested of what socialist Programms you speak, the economic significance of american bases in Germany is rather minor and of local importance at best and that is not counting the Money, land and Services Germany gives to the US troops and installations in Germany especially if These are used in Non NATO missions.

        1. Re: “…”the economic significance of american bases in Germany is rather minor…” I beg to differ! The cost of Western Europe’s inherent security of living under a U.S. nuclear umbrella was borne by American taxpayers. The cost of 60+ years of nuclear weapons development and fielding (missiles, subs & bombers) was many hundreds of billions of dollars. And don’t forget 60+ years of our satellite reconnaissance program, that was requisite for effective targeting of our nukes. That cost an “undisclosed” (classified black budget) sum of money that can safely be assumed to be many more hundreds of billions of dollars. Remember: Every Dollar spent by the U.S. for the U.S. nuclear umbrella protecting Western Europe was a Dollar SAVED by those countries. They got the proverbial Free Ride, for six decades. Even neutral Sweden and Switzerland benefited, indirectly, from Pax Americana.

          1. I meant the economic significance of the US bases for the german economy and much of the direct and indirect cost of These bases was borne by the german tax – Payers, even when These bases where used by the US for Non NATO Operations .
            A colleague of mine was part of an Unit to guard US nuclear weapons on german soil, when he served in our army.
            Some of These weapon programs were combined Programs from different Partners, the weapons where bought from the US(F 104) or n developed with own Programms.

            After 9 .11 the Bundeswehr massively enforced the security of the US bases in Germany

        2. Maastrict Treaty 1993. Look it up. 2019 – 1993 = 26 years.

          Aside from the War between the States, there has never been a war on US soil. 2019 -1776 + 4 = 239 years. I will admit that the US government sticks its nose (where in my opinion it don’t belong) in other countries’ business and for much of those 240 years has been involved in foreign military actions. The US is not pure as the driven snow and your OP refers to the peace by and between Germany and France to which you attribute to the formation of the EU. My point is that 26 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

          “Never happened…” American blood was not shed in WWI and WWII? Really? What are all of those cemeteries of US forces in Europe for? Decoration? American blood in my view is pretty valuable.

          If USSR conquered Europe, so what. I think you Euros would actually like living in a socialist/communist environment.

          A lot of Europeans have the attitude that they are doing the US a big favor by “hosting” our military installations on your soil.

          Next statements like most of your writing is incoherent.

          Germany spends less than 2% if its GDP towards its NATO obligation. Empty promise – taking advantage of a supposed ally. Germany’s military cannot scrape together a squadron of fighter jets, its ground forces are scavenging parts for its vehicles and well, I could on. The Marshal Plan that injected billions of US $ to rebuild Europe is not economically significant? What about American blood, is it not more significant than any “Money, land and Services Germany give the US…” Germany and France is expending millions of not billions on immigrant hand outs (this is not socialism?). I hope you embrace your new immigrant masters. Please don’t call US for help. I have much more respect and admiration for the former Warsaw Pact countries. Poland and Hungary come to mind – the preservation of their country and culture is much more vibrant than the German and French goal/attainment of “diversity.”

          You should stop, the hole you are digging is getting deeper.

          Aloha snackbar or whatever the Euro equivalent is. You will need to learn it.

          1. I started with the ECSC which was the beginning of the development.

            Your math is interesting, the ACW started IIRC 1861 and ended 1865 this is 143 Years
            The US used and uses their Military bases in Europe massive for for Non NATO Operations and Campaigns, that means Germany subsidied These operations.

            I didn´t meant that US soldiers, air and sea didn´t shed blood in europe not in the slightest, i meant the US didn´t do that for pure altruistic reasons.
            Not any more than France and Spain send their soldiers in a war to support the American Revolution for altruistic reasons

            We would like Living under communism-socialism as much or even less than you i believe, we´d a first class front seat to the iron curtain

            IIRC the 2% GDP is due in 2024 and yes stupid conservative politics combined with the support of ISAF has hollowed out the Bundeswehr and Money is not their greatest Problem.

            No that isn´t socialism and no we don´t embrace any Immigrant masters, not since my ancestors annihilated 3 Roman legions 2000 Years ago
            German culture was for centuries much more diverse and spread out thanks to it´s political and geographical Situation.

          2. You need to check your information,there have been numerous revolts and rebellions in the US(from Shaws Rebellion to the Pine Tree Reservation revolt). As for wars with foreign powers the War of 1812 the British destroyed Baltimore,marched inland and burned WashingtonDC,also tried to take New Orleans but were defeated.

    2. Guys, yes, the EU owes much to the USA, but the EU stability is temporary. Western Leadership willingly opened the gates for the ME horde to flood Europe [again]. It’s done. Stop arguing and start praying for the next European generation.

    3. > It is also the longest time of Peace between France and Germany for centuries and i personaly are very glad about this.

      Agreed. The EU has been a great improvement on what preceded it. Brexit will either tear apart the union, or make it stronger than ever. Time will tell.

  4. Regarding drones for surveillance: I’ve been thinking for some time that a drone would be an excellent tool to use as an advance guard while bugging out. The passenger/navigator/drone operator in the bug out vehicle would fly the drone about a half mile ahead to gain advance warning of road blocks or other threats. Once the drone is retrieved, the group would then reverse course and take an alternate route around the threat without having to confront it and without revealing anything about party size, makeup, assets, etc. The most limiting factor with most drones is the flight time. With the need to frequently swap and charge batteries, this would be a strategy for areas where forward observation is severely limited, such as narrow highways in hilly woodlands.

  5. The big Chinese drone mfgr has adopted a very Orwellian program to manage how you use “your” drone. It’s very common to hear stories from people unable to operate because they are within miles of critical infrastructure. To cut to the chase, build your own.

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