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Constitution Day

Reid Henrichs outlines some important things to remember about the Constitution on his September 17th vlog. On the 231st anniversary of the U.S. Constitution he reviewed the reasons the Constitution was put in place in the first place. It is not a document that gives the government power, but instead it limits what the government can do. This is a good review of why we have the constitution, but sadly, it is also a reminder of how far astray we have allowed the government to stray. thanks to reader T.J. for the link.

Flu Scare

As we move into what is traditionally called the flu season, reader H.L. sent in this link with an interesting take on the actions of the CDC and the media when it comes to flu vaccines. The vaccines are notorious in the ineffectiveness, yet the drum beat about getting your flu shot beats louder than ever. Only about 45% of the population actually gets one and every year we hear that that the vaccine isn’t really working, but you need to get one anyways. It’s tough for the average person to get through the marketing hype. This article presents some statistics that suggest you may not need one at all.


The world health Organization is now warning that the conditions exists for another large Ebola epidemic. In certain underdeveloped African countries, Ebola makes a year appearance and this year WHO claims that the conditions are right for the Ebola virus to expand. People are refusing the vaccine, armed groups and political chaos are hampering the ability of aid workers and the general hygienic practices of the population have still not changed. Some areas still have problems where the traditions of the people involve digging up the infected bodies and moving them. thanks to G.P. for the link.


As is typically the case with popular movements, the #metoo movement has become a monster that eats is own. While I can not argue with the concept of outing individuals that prey upon the weaknesses of others, especially when it comes to sexual crimes, the #metoo movement has now morphed into a beast that doesn’t even require the accusers to be know or for the victims to provide proof, or even for a victim to name the perpetrator. In its latest rendition, the movement is now going after those who would suggest that “innocent until proven guilty” is an important concept. Sometimes all they want is for careers to be destroyed rather than justice sought. Thanks to DSV for the link.

EMP Prepping

Reader W.W. sent in this article that is suggesting that the U.S. needs to surge forward on its ability to harden its infrastructure against EMP. the author makes a compelling case that the ability of smaller nations to launch an EMP strike is improving and the damage that could be wrought is significantly greater than what could be obtained with more traditional results. Even the large er nations with more stable governments could be tempted to strike first. Of course, it could all be rhetoric too, but part of prepping is being ready for the unlikely.


The tech giant has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar again. They have begun collecting (stealing) chrome users browsing history and synchronizing it with their identity profiles without the consent of the users. This is a huge breach of trust, though we’re not quite sure why you would trust a company that has proven time and again that they will break that trust as often as they can if they can turn a profit on it. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

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  1. Regarding flu vaccines, rather than considering if they will protect against this year’s strain, I consider it an introduction for my immune system to as many variants as possible. I skipped the vaccines for years based on their that-year effectiveness; then I read about how readily flu variants recombine. My thought now is I’m accepting the down sides of the vaccine in the hope that my system will recognize some part of a potential future pandemic virus and reduce the risk of my death.

    1. Agree completely. The quad-valent vaccine (4 different dead viruses in this year’s vaccine versus an attenuated or live virus) today has a one variant that created a lot of misery in Australia last year, and expect this may (likely) emerge in the Western Hemisphere; and the two “A” strains are good candidates for protection too. The “B” variants were added because these have been particularly virulent and really can put an otherwise healthy person down for several weeks and the variants that killed quickly some otherwise healthy young people last year. I’ll take my chances and get a vaccine every year (actually been a guinea pig since 1976 from a UofW study) and have never had more than 24-48 hours of any flu like symptoms. If you’ve never had the flu, you likely don’t realize how depilitating it can be for an otherwise healthy person. Look no further than the Spanish flu – doesn’t matter how healthy you are if you have no immunity to the virus or the virus is particularly viralent and riddles your body before it can mount a response.

  2. Those ‘movements’ such as the Pound Me Too movement are never about their stated goals.

    For individuals such as the Pound Me Too folks, their only purpose is to feed their narcissism. They never progressed beyond the ‘two-year old’ tantrum-demands of “…everything is about me because I am the center of the universe…”.

    Does the universe work that way? Nope. The universe would collapse if everything leaned toward one of anything. The universe always centers toward balance.

    To get something, you need to offer an exchange of something somebody wants. Examples:
    Trade your time for food.
    Swap your creativity for housing.
    Trade your experience for (the illusion of) safety.
    Swap your kills for (the illusion of) safety.
    Offer your love to your beloved in the hope this will be recognized… and returned equally.

    Anything less is doomed to fail.

    Isaac Newton verbalized this in his Third Law:
    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

  3. Constitution
    The constitution is dead. Deal with it.

    Since the West insists of ‘helping’ West African jungle tribesmen every outbreak of Ebola has the potential to go global wiping out millions where it used to simply kill a couple of dozen and burn out. We’re so very helpful.

    I’m sorry, does that say Google has begun synchronizing browsing history with identity profiles? Is this story from 20 years ago? AOL did this at the outset, it’s not even news anymore.

  4. As to the report that Ebola is again rearing it’s ugly head, the US is letting more and more Africans enter our country as refugees. As they tend to congregate together when arriving, I fear that Ebola will become a problem here.

  5. Nobody should be using Google; there are so many alternatives. I like DuckDuckGo.

    A prediction about potential Ebola outbreaks is ridiculous. There is no known correlation between “conditions” and the disease; there are possible links to other factors. The biggest problem in dealing with Ebola is that its natural reservoir is unknown. Bats are strongly suspected. Bush meat is another possibility. A corpse infected with the virus is highly contaminated. The burial practices in the affected countries definitely play a role in its spread.

  6. Google”

    What else is new. Use the new Brave browser with Tor privacy built in. Use DuckDuckGo. The only thing I use Google for is Google Maps. I haven’t found a readily available map program that matches the abilities of Google Maps. If I do, I’m off Google for good.

    Flu vaccines:

    The last time I had a flu shot resulted in the worst case of flu I’ve ever had. That was more than 20 years ago. I haven’t had a flu shot since, and won’t. I keep my immune system built up. I avoid large crowds. I use sanitary wipes to clean the buggy at the grocery store and Walmart. Before I retired I would clean my work area with disinfectant, every day and sometimes twice a day. I kept getting sick from the person who worked my area on a different shift, he had kids what were always sick. Self preservation, and it worked.


    Our immigration policies are absolutely INSANE! I can happen here, I pray it doesn’t.

    1. Oh, I forgot, Constitution Day:

      The Constitution is dead, only if we let it die. It’s up to us, you know, “We the People” to see to it that it lives and becomes potent again. To paraphrase Jefferson, we should force our politicians to be “bound by the chains of the Constitution” or we should bind the politicians in chains. This is why we need an Article 5 convention. Even Mark Levin, who railed against a convention of the States back in 2010, has come around. I guess it had to be his idea, he wrote a book after all.

      If all else fails, look into Randy Barnett and his proposed amendments to the Constitution that would greatly restore the Constitution as written. I would also add an amendment to repeal the 17th and put the Senate back under control of the States instead of our Trotskyite, Communist two party system.

  7. I have always said that there needs to be a #methree movement started by the boys. According to Wicked-pedia or any online encyclopedia there about 50% women and men on the planet. Women are taught today to liberate themselves from the marriage bed by first going to college for um-teen years then chase their careers until well into their 30s or 40s. It is not fair for our young men to go “without” for so many years. Or have to go out and look for sex as our ancestors looked for water. That is the real sexual crime here and it should be noted as such.

    1. Granny, you don’t really believe that those ‘gals’ aren’t spreading it around every chance they get, do you? 🙂

      OB/GYN’s out there, how often is it you encounter a virgin over 13?

  8. A variety of studies have been done on influenza vaccine efficacy, and most of them agree on several things:

    1) Depending on how quickly the virus mutates between the time the vaccine is released for production, and when the flu season starts, the vaccine fails to prevent influenza in the recipient anywhere from 25% of the time to 60% of the time.

    2) Those who have gotten the vaccine at least 3 of the last 5 years are substantially less likely to die from influenza infection.

    3)Even one recent vaccination significantly lowers the likelihood you will wind up dead or in the ICU from influenza.

    With this in mind, I think it prudent to get the flu vaccine every year. If you are over 55, it is also worth getting the pneumonia vaccine as well; about a third of those who die in a pandemic do so as a result of secondary pulmonary bacterial infection resulting in fatal bacterial pneumonia.

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