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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. The New Mexico fiasco over the terrorist compound just keeps getting worse.

New Mexico Fiasco

Despite the twisted plans to teach children how to carry out school shootings along with the multiple counts of child abuse resulting in the death of a child, the New Mexico courts dismissed the charges against the defendants. The fault lies with the prosecutor for being completely irresponsible and missing the deadlines to file with the court. Thankfully, the FBI stepped in and had all five of the extremist Muslims arrested again, but on federal weapons charges. Shame on New Mexico for dropping the ball on that one. It’s also worth noting that no charges related to terrorism have been filed yet. Thanks to W.W. for the links.


Cody Wilson, of Defense Distributed, has flipped his middle finger at the progressive left yet again. Despite having a license from the State Department to distribute his CAD files, A federal judge in Seattle issued a controversial ruling that trampled all over the First and Second Amendment rights of Wilson, banning the free distribution of these files. Progressive leftists all over the U.S. celebrated this shady victory. Cody has been raising money for his legal defense through a fundraiser and has already made his initial goal of $200,000. He is within 15% of making the total goal of $400,000 on the final day of the fundraiser. (If you haven’t donated but want to – do it today!)

Now, the celebration of the SJWs is short lived. The federal injunction just keeps him from giving his files away. You can now visit his site and purchase the files (and the money will go towards his legal defense). There is no hard cost. The suggested donation is $10 per file, but you can set your own price. Stick that in your eye, you leftists!

Google Location Tracking

Kim Komando recent published an article on how to really turn of Google location tracking on your phone. It’s well known by now that Google stores your tracking location even when you tell it not to. Even with Location History turned off on your account, some apps still record the data without your permission. However, Google has now announced how you can turn it off for real this time. It’s just not as straight forward as it should be. Thanks to DSV for the link.

129 Million Dead Trees

After recently passing legislation that allows utility companies to pass on the costs of lawsuits related to their maintenance incompetence resulting in large scale forest fires, you might think that California would get proactive. Of course not! While they spend billions on a bullet train from Los Angeles to San Francisco that nobody really wants, a recent report has revealed the next fire season in the making. California has 129 million dead trees still standing.

Smart Meters

Pennsylvanians got the short end of the stick from their state legislators regarding smart meters recently. Despite years of fighting for an “opt-out” language in the bill, the final law placed on the books doesn’t even resemble the law passed by the legislature that specifical mandates an “opt-in” procedure. Pennsylvanians are mandated to upgrade to a smart meter or face termination of their account. The mandate was specifically “…through committee procedural actions of soon-be-retired PA House Consumers Affairs Committee Chairman, Robert Godshall, whose son, Grey, works as a Project Manager [per LinkedIn] for Exelon/PECO, the utility company whose utility district is much of SE Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia.” Nope, nothing to see here – move along. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

I know my local power utility is fighting for these meters as well, but the hold-up here is that they want the customers to pay for the meters as well as making it mandatory. So far, the PUC has held strong in refusing the request.

Geostorm History

Reader A.D. sent in this Time Machine article from that gives a synopsis of the geomagnetic mega-storm the earth experienced 159 years ago. When the sun had a billion-ton coronal mass ejection (CME) that slammed into the earth, campers in the Rocky Mountains thought they were experiencing sunrise and people in Cuba were able to read the newspaper from the lights of the aurora borealis. Telegraph operators were shocked to find their telegraph papers set on fire from the electrified telegraph lines and the world recorded strong disturbances in the planetary magnetic field for more than a week. Think it won’t ever happen again? In July of 2012, a similar CME just missed the earth.

Walmart Survival Challenge

Reader T.J. sent in this video for the beginning bushcrafter or someone on a budget. Corporals Corner video talks about the many Walmart survival challenges that you can view on YouTube. In the challenge, you have to use a very limited budget to purchase your complete survival kit at Walmart. For the $250 shopping budget, most challengers actually perform pretty miserable, probably because they don’t really have any experience. This author walks through his version of the challenge that is entirely usable. Note that for this budget, you’ll end up mostly with Chinesium in your pack, but as you grow, you can replace individual items (including the pack) with higher quality and better made equipment. But in the meantime, you have a very usable survival pack.

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Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


    1. I totally agree! I see it frequently here with the “Native” Americans and their tribal courts. They thumb their collectivist noses at federal law enforcement – especially when the case pertains to certain families – by changing court dates and times without notifying the arresting officers who are supposed to testify. It’s a sad state of affairs in our so-called justice system when technicalities protect the guilty. Shoot, shovel, shut up. Don’t discriminate, terminate.

    2. @Ted,
      NM has a systemic problem with case backlogs and missed deadlines along with lazy prosecutors. What you see in this case isn’t all that unusual. It’s just that the case made national headlines. I have a friend in NM who had a meth-head break into her house and hold the family hostage while the husband was traveling for work. The defense claimed that the husband had fired a gun in anger at the wife and the prosecutors filed no evidence to show that the husband was actually halfway across the country when the incident occurred. The guy walked.
      I don’t think this judge had any other choice but to dismiss the case because of the prosecutor not doing his job.

      1. It is not really a matter of lazy prosecutors in New Mexico, it is more a case of funding issues that are coupled with the rampant centuries old cronyism that leads many times to these short falls. If there had not been a child abduction involved that had led to the death of the child, it would probably have barely made State-wide news, let alone National news.
        The only reason that any of this even came to light and that law enforcement even did anything at all, was that Wahhaj Jr., was on the wrong parcel of land. If he had been able to read a grid map he would have been on the parcel he had purchased, and they would still be preparing for terrorist attacks. It was the couple whose parcel of land Wahhaj Jr had set up on that started the whole process.
        New Mexico’s biggest problem with DAs and Law Enforcement is really more a lack of funding and the cronyism that exists, which allows for a lot to be overlooked.
        The same thing happens in just about every other State, it just happened to be New Mexico’s turn to make National news in a bad way.

  1. I have become distrustful of what the media reports after witnessing so many of their lies. The information that I have seen on the NM situation has included zero evidence but much speculation and unverified claims. So far, I have seen nothing conclusive about them to indicate they were doing anything other than living as free people, in accordance with their faith and customs (which is what we all want).

    The media claims they were teaching children about firearms, but phrased it as “learning to be a school shooter.” That could just be the normal anti-second amendment spin we always see in the media.

    The media claims there was child abuse. All we know is that the body of a 3 year old who was known to have serious medical issues has been found buried on the property. We bury our beloved fallen as well and no child abuse charges have been filed.

    We saw the media spin and try to discredit patriots during the Bundy Ranch and the Wildlife Refuge incidents. Are they just doing it again?

    The only crimes that have yet to come to light in the NM case is that of illegal immigration and unlawful possession of a firearm (unconstitutional law). In the coming months more will be revealed, I suggest we suspend judgement until we have hard evidence instead of just (potentially) more media lies.

    1. No, in this case the information that has come out about the kids being trained to be school shooters came from the kids themselves, the oldest of which I think is in his early teens. The kids have been interviewed by all sorts of different people; CYFD reps, medical personnel, psychologists, and LE/FBI. Their stories have remained consistent throughout, so they are telling the truth.

      1. Oldsourdough,

        Thanks for the additional information. That wasn’t included in the articles that I have seen on the subject. Do you have any more specifics along those lines or a link you can share?

      2. Oldsourdough,

        A search for more articles on the Taos, NM arrests only reveals the allegations for kid(s) being trained as “school shooters” as coming from a single unnamed foster parent to one of the (11 year old) kids. This allegation was then included in court documents and picked up by the news.

        Nowhere does it go into the type of detail that you included. Where are you getting your information? How do you know:

        1. Who has/hasn’t interviewed the kids?
        2. What their stories have been?
        3. Able to judge the consistency of those stories over time?
        4. Able to judge the kids are “telling the truth?”

        You have stated that “in this case the information has come out…” but you have provided only the word of an anonymous poster as “proof” for some very serious accusations against these people. I have asked you (nicely) for more detail or links already. I am asking again.

        1. These are the local sources (below) that my information came from. You should always check local sources of information on what is happening within a particular area, as it will usually be the best source since they are the ones close to the event, and tend to have the inside because they know all the local LE personnel.

          Going with national and regional sources can tend to be dicy as they pick and choose more of what they think suits the situation.

          I once submitted and article about that to Survivorblog that you all published concerning what sources of information tend to be good and what ones are not. Local sources tend to be best on local news, as that is what they do.

          A good tip is that is if something is happening in a relatively small community that is not near a metro area, find out what radio, TV and newspapers are in the area, or serve the area from the outside. Most TV stations and some newspapers will have a designated “stringer” in many rural areas so that they have a representative there if something is happening in the general area.

          I cannot help what your sources provide or do not provide, I can only go with what the sources I have provided.

          What I read, heard and saw, was what was provided in my comments to survivalblog, nothing was made up or embelished upon.

          Also, due to my work schedule, I do not always check email very often as there is just too much else to be doing.

          Thank you.

          1. Strange that I used my usual moniker to respond to you, but it showed up as anonymous.
            Guess there is a hic-up in your system, or I was blocked…just seems strange.

    2. TB…
      Your response is arguable for sure with one exception, you state: “The only crimes that have yet to come to light in the NM case is that of illegal immigration and unlawful possession of a firearm (unconstitutional law).”
      It would only be ‘unconstitutional law’ if they were legal citizens, which I believe, they are not.

      To participate and reap the awards of our Constitutional Republic, you must be a law-abiding citizen (or legal alien ?). Although many self-righteous politicians and ignorant citizens might disagree and overlook the fact, that is and correct me if I’m wrong, the law

      1. RR,
        You are right about illegals not having “constitutional rights” like a 2nd amendment (technically). However, the founders who wrote the document believed that all men had rights from their creator and that a document doesn’t grant rights, it only can acknowledge god’s plan and align a government in accordance with that plan.

        So, I think the founders would have argued that every person has a right to “bear arms” even if they are not from the US. YMMV.

  2. “Thankfully, the FBI stepped in”

    Cute, as this was probably an FBI false flag op from the start. Like Mandalay Bay and Parkland.
    All of these “events” look like they were planned well in advance, and with gubmint assistance.
    The “bungling” is intentional.

  3. I live in the county where this happened. I came from a big midwestern city. The court release was not intentional, it was incompetence. There is a reason New Mexico is at the bottom of the economic scale. Business and government are hobbled. The draw to many is the climate, outdoors and freedom, with fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing and an art community.

    I personally know the Sheriff, he is a good person. He was elected because he was out of the political mainstream in the county. The case is probably over the top on what the county can handle. This was not recognized in time.

    This county is beyond liberal, goes about 80% Democrat in voting. The county only had 1 precinct that went to Trump (like him or not, making the point on voting one party and the norm of acceptance), Red River. There are areas in the county, in the middle of nowhere where social services and the ambulance drivers will not go without a deputy escort – areas around Carson and Tres Piedras. It seems to be a refuge of tolerance and felons to flee to from other states – there other cases as well. There are multiple unsolved murders and missing people. This continues on no matter who the county commissioners, Sheriff or governor is in office.

    The tourist hear none of this when they come to some of the best skiing in the world. It is a local blurb and forgotten. There are many wonderful people here – from all political parties. It is the very small felon community and tolerance of the unacceptable that makes all of us be on guard. We live off a rural road, have large dogs, a good fence, cameras on place and other security deterrents.

    I love living here, but I am not naive and I am prepared — with no more said about that topic.

    1. You summed up some of what I did not. Yes, small towns in New Mexico can be problematic as many of the old Hispanic families do not want any outsiders around, regardless of whether they are Hispanic or not.
      Yes, people do disappear with no trace, but that happens everywhere. New Mexico is a very provencial place, so much so in some regards that it makes New England seem like just another place.

  4. A note on smart meters: electric companies and rural cooperatives are now using their generic names such as AMI or “advanced metering infrastructure.” Some are just upgrades of AMR, which is an older tech called automated meter reading.

    Check on your utilities webpage, probably on the FAQs page, to figure out if it’s a smart meter. Basically, if it’s digital, it’s a smart meter. If the word “smart” is used anywhere in the the info, it’s a smart meter. If it’s AMI, it’s a smart meter.

    They got smart and stopped calling it that when the people got wise. Also … although our rural coop said on the web page we would get a notice by mail two weeks before it was installed, we never saw it. They also said they would put a green notice on our door if they installed it while we were gone, another thing we never saw. I had no idea it was put in or when, I just went outside and looked after hearing at Tea Party meeting – yes, this was several years ago — and damn, it was done!

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