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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. To features an example of why concealed carry is important!

The Importance of Concealed Carry

Reader M.R. sent in this video showing the importance of concealed carry. In the short surveillance video, a man can be observed attempting to abduct a young girl at gun point on a street corner. While most of the crowd are initially oblivious to the assault, one woman draws her weapon and shoots the assailant in the shoulder. At that point, the people on the street (including the girl who was going to be abducted) scatter and clear in just a few moments. But the whole situation is resolved by then. To the defendants credit, she clears the assailants weapon and forces him to roll onto his stomach while giving orders to passers by (presumably to call 911). A good days work for a well-prepared woman.

Hiker Dies of Exposure

On the other end of the preparedness spectrum, a teacher who had been reported missing was found dead. Apparently, he went for a hike, unprepared for spring weather and apparently died of exposure. The investigation is still ongoing and there may be other factors, such as health issues. He was an avid hiker and was known to take hikes for days at a time. Assuming that there was no foul play, we’ll file that one as being unprepared, especially in the communications realm. Even if you don’t have it turned on while you hike, a communications device is a worthy inclusion in your hiking/camping gear for emergency use. Thanks to R.K. for the link.

See Something, Say Something

Showing the absurdness of the ultimate tattle tale machine (See something, Say something), a Springfield Missouri thought that he would practice his bassoon outside in the church parking lot on a nice spring day. About seven minutes later, Springfield police received a 911 call reporting that a white male in a jacket and jeans was sitting on the back of his car in a church lot with a long rifle. The officers responded with two units and three officers. While this incident had a humorous ending, it could have easily taken a turn for the worse resulting in the incapacitating or even death of the bassoon player. Thanks to C.H. for the link.


Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large, sent in this article that follows up on the Swedish fad of embedding ID chips in their bodies. At this point, about 3000 people have opted for the procedure and most like the idea of not having to carry key-cards, IDs or even train tickets. Very few of those who are opting for the procedure even care about the concept that the technology can be compromised. About four years ago, a Swedish biohacking group even started organizing “implant parties”. Here in the U.S. we haven’t quite accepted the actual implantation of these devices, but how many do you know that wear an Apple watch, a Fitbit, or similar tech?

Taiwanese T91 Drone

The Taiwan 205th Armory (makers of the T91 rifle) have posted pictures of their latest armed drone. The drone is equipped with a T91 rifle and another one is equipped with three 40mm grenade launchers. It’s worth noting that Iraqi soldiers have been arming their drones with grenades for some time, but they use the low tech method of just dropping them, though they do attach stabilizers to the grenade to guide it’s path. The group states that no actual combat trials have been done with the drone as it is still in the research and development phase. Still, with the abundance of drones on the market with similar lift capability, how long can it be till this is a regular occurrence. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Survival Realty

SurvivalRealty has a beautiful off grid log home on twenty acres overlooking the Clark For River listed. The power system uses a combination of wind, solar and backup generator and has a 20GPM well. This looks like a really nice retreat if you are interested in the Idaho area.

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  1. Outstanding work by the woman in the defense of her community. There is much to learn from this video:
    Choosing the right time
    Sufficient, but not excessive force
    Note the importance of one handed and limited use of sights shooting

    1. Yes, a job well done. From what I’ve read about this video, it takes place in Brazil, the young woman is an off duty police officer, where the average law-abiding citizen is not allowed a gun for self defense.
      But, again, right place, right time, and a job well done.
      The only thing I would do differently than what the young lady did, is to have the perp stretch his arms out, palms up, and step on one of his hands. (trick I learned years ago. YOU try to roll over or push yourself up from that position)

  2. Generator Rescue
    (YouTube Video)
    Published on May 6, 2018
    Duration 8:06

    “We are using a new accessory to a Mini excavator so we can lift things, moves things that are in tight places. This is our first job with it and it is to remove a diesel generator from an underground storage facility. The next video of the “High Lifter Jib” will be to pull a well pump. Some wells are inaccessible by pump truck and since we have the mini on the job anyway why not use it to pull the pumps, set the pumps, dig the pipelines, set the cisterns and then backfill the trenches making it the all in one machine for my installs.”

    Interesting video, generator in a subterranean facility, in a Faraday cage, that is no longer working.

  3. More info on the shooting in Brazil. It was outside a school, imagine that, he was robbing people. The woman in gray who walks by warned the people there that this guy was robbing people. He was pointing his gun at a security guard demanding his wallet when the offduty officer pulled her firearm. She shot 3 times and the criminal later died.

  4. Great draw and shot under pressure. I also like how she sought cover behind the car, but then the idiot driver moved her cover and nearly ran her over! Highlights for me how we need to work together in small groups against evil-doers, if we are at a cafe, shop or on the street. Help out the good guy!

  5. Bassoon as a weapon,bad playing could be a assault on your ears. Remember the bagpipes were banned as a “weapon of war”.
    Those of you lauding praise on the lady cop need to watch the video,she is barely in control of the weapon,almost shoots bystanders instead of perp(almost touching perp on first shot(chest) second shot was in the leg!(at same distance),then starts to run away instead of pressing the attack(only stopped when she realized he was down) then is more concerned about her purse than controlling the situation,disarming the perp and getting him under control. She is extremely lucky she didn’t lose this confrontation(if he had any skill she would have lost, and lost badly) she needs training but this demonstrates the value of the second amendment

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