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Not a joke: Fortune names David Hogg and cohorts the world’s greatest leaders of 2018 – Reader H.L. notes: “This is surreal – had I a subscription to Fortune, I would be canceling it with a letter to the editor!”

The City of Vancouver just moved to let permanent residents vote in civic elections – No need to be a citizen. Thanks to AnotherGal.

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From G.P.: Will the World Cup 2018 create a Russian Ammo Shortage?

There’s an Epidemic of Low-IQ Arguments Against Guns. Thanks to H.L.

Defiant Op-Ed Author Refuses To Comply With City’s Proposed Assault Weapon Ban

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Government accidentally sends file on “remote mind control” methods to journalist. Thanks to DSV

Bill Gates Backs Plan to Surveil the Entire Planet From Space – G.P.

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From D.C. – World War III: Are We Being Manipulated Into a Fight We Can’t Win?

E. coli outbreak warning expands to all romaine lettuce

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  1. Of course, you can also get ecoli from raw milk…. Haha. They always gotta throw that in to get people afraid of raw milk. Sigh. There is no better food security than growing your own.

  2. On the David Hogg book. This reminds me of the Hilary books. I cannot think of a legitimate publisher that would pay huge advances without an expectation of a return and a profit. That being said; political books such as these have a history of very small sale numbers. So this brings us to the big question, who is providing the underwriting money for these large advances using these publishers as the front men and willing shills. It seems that this type of behavior has an ulterior motive. It is necessary to expose the financial backers so that steps can be taken to ensure they pay heavily for their behavior. Boycotting companies and their products is not just a single edge sword. I am compiling a personal list of companies that are making political statements and buying from their competitors that are more interested in serving their customers than making virtue statements. Since there is little we can do individually the one thing we can do is spank those that displease us in their wallets. ie, Dicks, B of A, Citi Bank, Nestles, Allstate, and a host of other sanctimonious CEOS. they will not last long when profits start to diminish, they are in a dog eat dog business.

  3. Bill Gates and surveillance, he probably will not feel the same when it is used to watch him peeing in his backyard and learning that there is no longer the expectation of privacy in his own home. Should be some interesting stuff posted on u tube and Facebook, Zuckerberg wasn’t all that happy his personal info was hacked. Me, I am moving into a large steel warehouse with random signal generators running around the clock. Just kidding, we do have laws covering invasion of privacy, My privacy begins at my property line, where does yours begin Bill?

  4. Parkland Copycat? False Flag?

    Used a shotgun, fired one shot at a closed door and ran…

    Student shot, injured at Ocala’s Forest High; suspect ‘sorry’
    Posted Apr 20, 2018 at 8:59 AM Updated at 12:37 AM

    Maximum mass hysterical coverage…

    “This bracelet was handed out at Forest High School Friday morning in anticipation of an event opposing gun violence. Another bracelet said, “Never Again Ocala.” A shooting occurred Friday morning at the Ocala high school. A student was injured. [Submitted photo]”

    Score one for the gun control advocates…

    Great propaganda & media coverage… Couldn’t have planned it better…

    Expect to see more of these mass hysteria events, they are very effective and self perpetrating… Coming soon to a school near you…

    At the local level, coverage may have been better than Parkland…

  5. Time Inc. owns Meredith and publishes Fortune. They also publish Sports Illustrated, Money, Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living, and a slew of other magazines. I refuse to buy any current magazines because so many have a strong left-wing bias.

  6. “There’s an Epidemic of Low-IQ Arguments Against Guns.”

    I like Mr. Woods and I’ll read the book. But this from ‘promo’ caught my eye:

    “I wouldn’t say they’re being dishonest. It’s more that they genuinely don’t understand – and frankly don’t care to understand – their opponents, whom they know only in caricature…[are] in favor of pie-in-the-sky political solutions…”

    Well, the right is guilty of pie-in-the-sky as well. Nobody is going to give you your freedom. The best way is the old way, the way of our LORD. How do we win on gun control? One New Shooter At A Time. Find them, teach them the four rules, take them shooting, stress safety, get to know them, be their friend, encourage them in their self defense journey. It’s called evangelism.

    And I’ll say this about Millennials; They like to do new and interesting things. Every one I’ve talked to about shooting has been interested, especially the women. Gun owners are failing because we’ve outsourced our job.

    Don’t be vague, set a goal. How about say, 3 contacts a month. Set a budget for ammo and range time with them. Be specific. Find them where you are, such as your neighbors adult children, younger co-workers, they’re everywhere. Evangelize! Please.

    (Of course not everybody is a good ambassador for gun rights. If you’re That Guy, please stay home but help fund somebody’s ammo and range time who is a good ambassador.)

    Please Help!

  7. World War III,

    Pax Americana is mentioned little, if not at all, in the Book of Revelations.

    Folks with fallout shelters are not PC for the working and middle class.

    Joel Skousen has said for years that America will be in a nuclear war, starting in 2020, or shortly thereafter.

    Putin announces new weapon delivery systems.

    Skousen is more believable as time goes by.


    Fifty one centers of power, 1st and 2nd tier.

    12 Federal Reserve Banks with overlap proximity to centers of power.

    Centralization of military bases

    Petroleum refineries, not that many, large efficient facilities.

    Half of the U.S. Population lives in 146 counties.

    It wouldn’t take that many warheads…

    You won’t have to worry about voting, gasoline, electricity, or your credit score, in what is left of your lifetime.

    There will be plenty of tyrants and elitists in those VIP shelters that your tax dollars provided…


    Do you have a fallout shelter plan?

    Knowledge of design features, how to build one, tools and materials on hand?

    Long term food storage, how to grind and cook it?

    There are plenty of online resources in this blog and Daisy’s, as well as others…

    I like the above ground version of this one,


    There seems to be very few YouTube videos of someone building a modern low cost permanent shelter, like what most Americans would have to do. That may be because folks who have, just don’t want to talk about it… Or, maybe the content folks don’t allow it… Or, maybe Walt got it right…

    Walt Builds a Family Fallout Shelter
    [YouTube Video]
    US National Archives
    Published on Feb 10, 2014

  8. I to live in Boulder and spoke at the city council meeting telling them i will not comply. I may end up having to lease a room from a friend outside city limits, change grips and stocks or just be a criminal. At the meeting the city attorney actually said he wanted to ban features that make it easy to control a rifle. I see a safety problem with this.


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