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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on CB radio sales and service businesses in the American Redoubt.


Yellowstone begins capturing bison to control herd numbers

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US Plans End to Wolf Protections; Critics Say It’s PrematureJWR Says: This change is long past due!

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Wolves reach Oregon Coast, accused in ‘probable’ kill of 22 sheep


CB Shop of Boise is a the go-to place, in southern Idaho. They are still located at 3353 South Federal Way.  Don’t look for a web page–they don’t have one. Phone: (208) 850-0684.

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Rooster CB Radios in New Meadows is open up shop again, this summer.  Their sales and repairs will be online only. (No storefront.)

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A new one, at my #1 Son’s site: Home on 10 acres, north of Sandpoint Idaho, on Sand Creek

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Over at The Charles Carroll Society, on the lighter side: Charlie Kirk visits North Idaho — Talks CPAC, President Trump, Jussie Smollett and more

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Reader SPD sent us a link to a point of view piece on “geospatial division” from a Red Ice TV commentator: Outlawing White Neighborhoods & Freedom of Association. Idaho is specifically mentioned at the 7:40 mark. JWR’s Comments: Personally, I lean toward separation on religious lines.  Many of the black Christians that I know would be great neighbors. But atheists or Muslims of any skin tone? Not the best neighbors. Choose your neighborhood carefully.

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This company in Ketchum, Idaho makes some a great sliding cargo drawer system for several brands of pickups and SUVs:  Decked.


Montana Defeats a Series of Vaccine Bills

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Sales Tax Considered In Montana

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By way of Commander Zero’s great Notes From The Bunker blog, I head about a company that makes very convincing-looking faux log homes out of concrete!  Fireproof and very resistant to small arms, these wall systems could be ideal for retreat properties. The company is called EverLog Systems. They are located in Missoula, Montana.

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This northwestern Montana ranch listing caught my eye: Five Mile Ranch.

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For our readers living near Butte: Speak up: Walkerville residents asked to weigh in on no-shooting zone.

Eastern Oregon

Just west of the Redoubt you’ll find CB World, in Albany, Oregon. They have a great selection of CB and 10 Meter band radios.

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Bend home sales drop to late-2007 level

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The Grande Ronde Radio Amateur Association (GRRAA) has members in Union, Baker, and Wallowa Counties.  They have monthly informal meetings.


Eastern Washington

The Inland Empire VHF Radio Amateurs Club meets monthly, in Spokane.

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Footprints in snow lead Moses Lake police to package thief

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He stole millions and used a dead baby’s identity. Now he’s headed back to prison


Red Monkey CB in Cheyenne does both CB and ham radio sales and repairs. They specialize in mobile rigs.

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With Wyoming’s only coal exporter facing potential bankruptcy, what happens to the export dream?


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  1. “The State of Montana will create a new 5 member commission to administer the sales tax.” As a Californian, I’m warning Montana, don’t agree to a sales tax!! This is how it starts: pretty soon that 5 member commission will morph into 10 people, with paid salaries, full benefits, and a pension plan. And that will be just the beginning!

  2. I agree with Sandra T. In California we have enough “commissions”, “committees” and “oversight boards” to repopulate a City the size of Spokane. These mostly appointed and seldom elected “citizen volunteers” are an economic drain and seem to exist solely for the purpose of having meetings and developing regulations that choke small businesses and tax everything from water to air. Now our recently departed governor set in motion more oversight and we have hundreds of regional water boards with the sole mission of installing meters on our wells as yet another source of revenue. Stand strong Montana and read my lips “No New Taxes”.

    Best wishes from the land of fruits and nuts. JP

  3. The CB shop in Boise Is a great place. I live about 6 hrs away and so I mail work to him and he ships it back. Great guy, great work and a fair price. You can trust Al to do a great job.

  4. As another lifelong Californian…I agree that Montana would be best advised to stay away from anything Sacramento has implemented. We hear the words “commission”, “committee”, “council”, etc. all the time and only hear the whooshing sound of our dollars being sucked from our pocketbooks. Life here in CA has become a never-ending game of discovering ways to dodge or mitigate the countless fees, taxes, and regulations foisted upon us every year.

    I chuckle at the prospect of *only* five people overseeing something in MT. Here in CA, it ain’t considered a real project unless the five people in charge have all their friends and relatives lined up as paid “advisors” to bloat the budget.

  5. Unfortunately wolves are still the protected cute little darlings here in Ea. Wa. as mandated by the Socialist Kingdom of Washington powers in Olympia.
    Got word Monday that the last Caribou in Ea. Wa. was shipped back to Canada due to predation by wolves decimating the herd. Well isn’t that just special! Now they have no caribou for lunch, so they will turn their attention and gangster ways upon cattle, calves, and sheep, with the occasional kid or hiker thrown in just to keep things interesting. A rancher in Ferry Co. is reported to have lost 73 due to wolves in the past 3 years. @ roughly $1,000 a pop that’s an entire years (or more) income simply been spent for some critters lunch.
    But to let them run rampant on Bainbridge Island or the Snohomish watershed – well we can’t be having that – it “might” be dangerous. As usual, the Eastern half pays through the nose for the coastal elites folly but garners nothing but contempt for it. We badly need the State of Liberty, would be a great asset to “Rawles Land”…. Where God, Country, and Constitution are the norm.

    1. N S,
      We have the occasional wolf kill in our part of Eastern Washington, young steers and goats. Wolves are a problem, no doubt. Liberty does make sense to me but, it is a long process and most of the sheeple are totally asleep.

  6. As per the the law against all white neighborhoods, would I be forced to move to an all white neighborhood? The root word of liberal is liberty. Yet it’s always white ‘liberals’ telling me I can’t do this, I can’t say that, and that my rights have to be infringed because of “them” people…..

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