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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on the Pendleton Round Up. (See the Eastern Oregon section.)



Video: When the Inland Northwest’s fall colors are expected to peak

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Old Farmer’s Almanac
: 2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Intermountain West



Fleming Creek Fire: Handled the Right Way

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Fighting a ‘monster’. The article begins: “Neighbors call it the “monster” that has terrorized their views and navigation paths for the past three years on Lake Coeur d’Alene’s Everwell Bay. They created a website called ‘Mistake on the Lake’ to rally more support for opposing the two-story, four-bay boat garage owned by Brian Kenworthy.”  JWR’s Comment: Don’t like it?  Tough Transoms. Go buy yourself a piece of land with a private lake, or perhaps a parcel surrounding a bay on a larger lake where you control your entire line of sight. Otherwise, stop whining!




President Trump amps up criticism of Tester in 2nd Montana rally for Rosendale

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Grizzly Bears Roaming Valley Floors: A downsized huckleberry crop is drawing bears to valley floors prior to denning season

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Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler makes historic visit to Butte, Anaconda Friday


Eastern Oregon

The annual Pendleton Round Up will be held September 12-15, 2018. The kickoff concert will feature the popular band Old Dominion.

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The schedule and tickets for the Round Up can be found here.

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Trip Advisor has some details and advice on attending on the Round Up.

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Sheriff: Remains found in John Day cabin believed human



Eastern Washington

The Inland Northwest Craft Beer Festival will be held September 21 & 22, in Spokane.

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He’s accused of sexually assaulting an animal in Columbia Park. It’s one of two meth-related holiday busts



Wyoming Rocks: New fad takes state by storm

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Newscast Video: 8 Arrested After Drug Raid In Casper


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  1. Tough Transoms! Are you kidding? Sounds to me if this was next to your property line you would be doing something about it. Although the zoning laws were followed somewhat and this owner had something of a right to rebuild a boathouse it seems to me it is a case of because I have money I can and the hell with my neighbors or a view.
    (and yes I support fully a property owner’ s right to do whatever they want with that property but isn’t that why we have zoning? so we can try to get along? by showing some consideration?)

    1. Residential zoning laws were a creation of the 20th century. They were created to assuage urbanites and suburbanites who had stopped being courteous to one another. Why create laws to mold behavior when informal shunning is nearly as effective? The phrase “There ought to be a law” comes mostly from the mouths of petty tyrants. Again, if someone absolutely wants a pristine view, then they should buy enough land to make that happen. Otherwise, people need to get to know their new neighbors promptly when they move in, and let them know the informal norms of the community. Passing laws on “this, that, and everything” binds us all down with the chains of tyranny at the local level and breeds excessive regulation at all levels.

    2. If the boat house is on private property, they should be able to do as they please. I’m sick and tired of being told what I can and cannot do on my property. How could a follower of this site want government to rule over private property rights? Are you only in favor of laws that are good for you?

  2. He’s not a neighbor with any care for the community. He is a rich Seattle outsider who flies in 10 times a year and doesn’t care what the neighbors think. Shun all you want but he won’t notice in his giant boat garage.

  3. So JWR, you are okay with a company or individual buying property next to yours and putting in a noxious use? Pig farm with the smell and pollution, landfill with constant truck and heavy equipment noise and dust, a manufacturing plant? This is the kind of thing zoning laws were created for..the protection of property values as well as quality of life for all. There is a role for laws and ordinances , otherwise you have the wealthy, greedy or politically connected doing whatever they want , wherever they want. Same goes for the Public lands….keep them public so that everyone can use and enjoy them, rather than selling off to the States and then auctioned to wealthy individuals as their own personal “wilderness”. Same for the original founding of the FBI, it was intended as a law enforcement arm during prohibition that operated above the local police departments which were riddled with corruption.,

  4. ” . . .otherwise you have the wealthy, greedy or politically connected doing whatever they want , wherever they want.”

    They already do. They just bribe, I mean, give campaign contributions to, the politicians to change the laws in their favor.

    It’s only the “little people” who have to comply with zoning laws.

  5. Before zoning there were effective restrictive covenants in deeds that would limit (narrowly) nuisances that might be created. Should I have the right to suck the lake dry for my datacenter swamp cooling? Probably not.
    I would NOT buy any property with too restrictive covenants or simply consider the common “Home Owners Association” grass roots tyranny.

    Oh, meanwhile Wyoming seeks to become the Cryptocurrency capital (double entendre intended).

  6. On the remains in the John Day cabin I wonder if it turns out it is the couple will it cause any of you older folk out in the boonies to rethink your situation and realize maybe having a Community would be a better option for you…

  7. Re: Fighting a ‘monster’. This is the whining of all of those ex-Californios, ex-New Yorkers, etc. Want the whole view and nothing but? Buy the whole damned piece of property. Otherwise, no one cares about “your” view. If Mr. Seattle-ite comes back to a nasty welcome everytime he shows up, he WILL get the message. In the meantime, you by the lake! I am not letting you have that greenhouse. I find it an eyesore and interferes with my “pristine” view. And the woman who walks her dogs on the beach? Uh, no, I hate noise. No dogs, no crying babies, and certainly no picnics. I want peace and quiet, and after all, I paid my money for a piece of property………..

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