Preparedness Notes for Thursday – May 17, 2018

On this day in 1769, George Washington launched a legislative salvo at Great Britain’s fiscal and judicial attempts to maintain its control over the American colonies. He brought a package of non-importation resolutions, drafted by George Mason, before the Virginia House of Burgesses. This initiated a chain of events that led to Britain’s House of Lords demanding that men involved in the extra-legal Massachusetts convention of towns be tried in England. Britain’s plan backfired and created an American identity where before there had been none.

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Dick Casull, the designer of the .454 Casull, passed away in Star Valley, Wyoming on May 6th.

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Tom Wolfe, (pictured), the author of the book “The Right Stuff” also passed away.

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  1. Tom Wolfes’ other books are worth reading,if not for the entertainment value but to learn the thought processes of the rich(Bonfire of the Vanities) and how they might deal with serious setbacks(A Man in Full)

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