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Photos Emerge Of 10 “Active Militia Teams” Securing The US-Mexico Border. – H.L.

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Worth 1,000 words: Pictures of Hamas tunnels in Gaza. – JMC

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Video: Illegal aliens get more money than most Americans: Collect More Than $7,000 Per Month for ‘Fostering’ Adult Illegal Aliens. – P.M.

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SurvivalBlog Reader K.S. wrote in to tell us that those who are interested in “Slow Sand Filter Plans” can save lots of time and effort by using a swimming pool sand filter. They are built the same way but are smaller because they use a pump vs. gravity to push the water through the sand. You may need to enlarge the depth of the tank, but the basics are all there, including the ability to back flush and clean the filter.

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Stopping Deadly Ebola Outbreak Will Be a ‘Marathon,’ CDC Says. – A.D.

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