Odds ‘n Sods:

One more reason I refuse to watch TV. Video: Sarah Palin Drives Stake Through Heart of ‘True Blood’ Producers . – P.M.

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A restaurant with a silly name but some plain sense. Another Restaurant with a “Guns Welcome” Sign at the Entrance. – J.W.

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SilencerCo Announces First Commercially Available Shotgun Suppressor. – B.B.

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20 Examples of What Liberalism REALLY Is. – J.C.

And the strange thing is that we keep letting them define the conversation and getting away with this garbage.

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Subscribe Left’s Latest Lunacy: “You Want More Than 10 Rounds to Kill US Soldiers” – T.P.

Are these the same soldiers that the Left claims are too unstable to own guns when they return from combat?

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