Odds ‘n Sods:

For any readers considering relocation inside the U.S., this web page has two maps that show state restrictions on full auto guns and suppressors (commonly but erroneously called “silencers”). Washington is the only state in the American Redoubt region with a restriction. One simple way around that is to get a Class 3 Dealer’s license, and then you can purchase and shoot any machine gun that you want, as “inventory”.

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It’s Never Taken Longer To Fill A Job Opening In America. – H.L.

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Well, you knew it was coming: Two Robberies at Target Since Chain Asked Law-Abiding Citizens to Shop Unarmed. – JBG

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ISIS Has Seized 88 Pounds Of Uranium In Northern Iraq. – D.B.

This isn’t weapons grade material, but it is sufficient to make dirty bombs.

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Sodom and Gomorrah, here we come: Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo. – P.M.

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