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Reader T.Z. flagged this: The price of LEDs is falling so fast it’s profitable to farm in a New Jersey nightclub. JWR Adds: We have a couple of 600-watt fan-cooled special plant growth spectrum Growpanel LED units here at the Rawles Ranch that we purchased from Ready Made Resources. These lights do a fantastic job of extending our vegetable growing season.  They can be used indoors, or inside a greenhouse. Just one caveat: The light that these throw is very intense and has an odd purplish-pink tinge, so they can be quite distracting if operated in a bedroom or living room.

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Bad News from a California pro-gun PAC:  California Magazine and Ammunition Ban to Be Decided By Voters in November. Sadly, given the liberal media bias there, it is expected that the initiative will pass into law. (Thanks to regular content contributor D.B. for the link.)

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Federal Court: The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect Your Home Computer. (A hat tip to reader RLH for the link to the Slashdot article.)

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Max Velocity has announced his upcoming course schedule for July and August. “Max” is a British Army Para Regiment veteran, and his courses are highly recommended.

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“‘EU is failing, EU is dying’: Nigel Farage speech following Brexit vote”>Video: ‘EU is failing, EU is dying’: Nigel Farage speech following Brexit vote

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Anthony Wile: Brexit Is Part of Internet Reformation Building Around the World

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