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This Family-Run Restaurant Is the Opposite of a Gun-Free Zone. – JBG

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All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants. – K.P.

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The Rise of the ‘Super Weed’ Around the World. – H.L.

I have to confess, the the comments made on this post never even entered my mind until I read them. About 4 years ago, I quite using glyphosate (Round Up) because I noticed that the weeds had begun to gain a resistance to it. Even the ubiquitous “goat head” (Tribulus terrestris or sometimes called “puncture vine”) had begun to adapt. I would spray it on the young plants, which would die, but not before they made a last hurrah and produced about 20 thorns. Just like any product that is over used, the resulting side effects are usually worse than the original issue.

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A followup on the Salt Lake City dog shooting: Don’t You Dare Criticize Officers For Shooting Dogs, Whines SLC Top Cop – RBS

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Video: The Mentality of the Police Cops Shoots Cow – RBS

Perhaps my being raised in the southwest (in open range territory) has jaded my view, but I’m having trouble understanding the need for the cop’s actions here. Is it any wonder that police violence is on the rise? Warning: Strong language. I’d also like to note that as a part time rancher/farmer, 20 rapid fire rounds are not necessary to dispatch a bovine antagonist, especially when it isn’t charging you. We don’t get to see the entire situation in this video, but from the looks of it, a simple rope would have sufficed to subdue the beast, and probably saved its life.

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