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Update on Video clears Texas man of assaulting cop—did police commit perjury?

JWR’s Comment: This video shows the importance of having both dashcam video cameras and home security video cameras. FYI, I bought pairs of Z-Edge Z3 Full HD dashcams for my vehicles. One faces forward and the other faces toward me and driver’s side window. These cameras come with 32 GB cards and continuously loop three hours of video and audio. The audio can be muted with one button press, for privacy. I also highly recommend getting LOREX webcam sets for your home. Make sure that one camera covers your porch and another covers your driveway, to capture both faces and license plate numbers! Also, be sure to carry free CFAPA press credentials whenever you are on the road.

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Pope Francis Blames Weapons Manufacturers for Brussels Attack

JWR’s Comment: To be more precise in formulating his twisted logic, Pope Francis should have condemned the manufacturers of acetone, hydrogen peroxide, and roofing nails–the precursor chemicals and projectiles used to make the Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) bombs used by the Islamist fanatics. The problem was not the tool or even the maker of the component parts. Rather, the real problem was with a zealous belief in a Religion of Hate, which the Pope refuses to acknowledge as such. Ironically, living safe in Vatican City behind thick castle-like walls and guarded by mercenaries armed with pistols and submachine guns, the Pope finds it easier to blame dual-use inanimate objects (and their manufacturers) for these terror bombings than to blame the real sinners with hatred in their hearts. Papa est stulto gloria.

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Video: Finally! an accurate model. It’s complicated, noisy, dangerous, and does absolutely nothing. Sent in by SurvivalBlog reader P.W.

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Sent in by RBS: Court ruling allows police to stop and question anyone within 100 miles of border

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More insanity from the Jack-booted thugs: FBI employee charged with pointing a gun at woman’s head inside a restaurant – T.P.

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