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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Peter Schiff- Two Down Two to Go.

Video: Stockman CNBC Interview: Dead Cat Bounce Over, Bury The Cat!

Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

CCAGW Commends Chairman Hatch for Launching Investigation into Green Energy Grants (Citizens Against Government Waste) Excerpt: “A significant number of the recipients were either demonstrably financially unstable, and therefore too high-risk to receive taxpayer money, or already adequately well-funded by private capital and undeserving of taxpayer largesse.” This story is also being developed by the Wall Street Journal. The following report was posted to Market Watch: Senator Probes $25 Billion in Federal Green-Energy Grants

Rubio’s Failure: How Our Broken Economy Fuels Voter Rage (Mises) Excerpt: “None of this may seem to be connected to economics, but the connection is actually quite close. The economy has performed so poorly for so long that tens of millions of primary voters are very, very worried.”

Property Bubble Ghost Haunts Central Bankers Trying to Boost Prices (Bloomberg) Excerpt: “Here’s the dilemma: How do you cut rates to goose too-low inflation and support growth without lighting a fuse under real estate?”

International News

Cha-Ching: US, Cuba Ease Rules on Sending Cash (Washington Examiner) Excerpt: “Obama’s policy pronouncements went smoother than his public appearance did with Cuban President Raul Castro, who castigated the United States on human rights as he stood next to the president….”

Ex-Cuban Prisoner Says Cuban Economy Thwarted by Its Own Policies (Fox News) Excerpt: “The internet is now legal for Cubanos, it was legalized in June of 2013. The cost of internet access, even if the service is not really a great service, went from $6 an hour to $4.50 an hour, now it’s $2 an hour. The government of Cuba has now been opening up internet centers around the island….”

Flight Prices to Cuba Could Drop Almost 50% After US Travel Embargo is Fully Lifted (Forbes) Excerpt: “…a key update to the rule now permits individuals to embark upon personal trips self-determined to meet the criteria. No advance license required.”

Michelle Obama’s Floral Outfits Cost 23x Average Annual Salary in Cuba (Washington Free Beacon) Excerpt: “When the president and his family landed in Cuba Sunday, the first lady descended Air Force One wearing a sleeveless, rose-print dress made by designer Carolina Herrera. The dress is currently sold for $2,190….”

Personal Economics and Household Finance

Here’s How this Family of Three Lives Well on a Single Income (The Penny Hoarder) Excerpt: “Could a family still manage to live on one income in the 21st century? That was the question we had to answer….”

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