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The new face of the patriot movement is a Kansas-raised teenager. (Thanks to loyal content contributor RBS for the link.)

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J.B.G. was the first of several blog readers to send this: Hard to find bread in shortage-stricken Venezuela  (JWR’s Comment: Why must the inevitable folly of socialist centrally-planned economies be repeated over and over?)

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Tam, over at the always entertaining and informative View From The Porch blog mentioned the clever new “Get Off Me” Tool #4 from FLC Knives. It provides a covert method of carrying a small penetrating weapon that is probably not legal in all jurisdictions. I’m quite confident that this would put the TSA’s blue-gloved goons into apoplexy in the unlikely event that they realized what they were looking at. (Do your legal due diligence, before ordering.)   This video shows a #4 Tool in use.

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Reader D.M.S. mentioned an archived 1991 article on old school food storage, over the venerable Mother Earth NewsThe Fundamentals of Root Cellaring

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