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Reader Mark McC. mentioned upcoming film that was directed by Mike Norris (the son of Chuck Norris), that imagines America under martial law after a self-inflicted EMP strike destroys our electrical grid: Amerigeddon.

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And speaking of movies, here is a review of a very dark, heavy, and brooding post-Peak Oil collapse British film released in February 2016, set in Ireland: The Survivalist.  (JWR’s Comment: Without even seeing it, I’d say: “Skip it.”  I’m only mentioning this review in the blog because the film’s title might attract American viewers. This is a warning, not a recommendation.)

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Reader Steve G. spotted this: Drone-Mounted Handgun, Flamethrower Reignite Lawmaker Debate

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Photo of The Day: Kim Jong Un Reacts, During a Weapon Firing Test. (Just like his father, even a Ronery Communist Dictator needs to get out of the palace once in a while, for a little fun.)

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CNN reports: Cuban migration spikes as U.S. relations with Havana thaw

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