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I was doing some web wandering and discovered that my old friend Yasha at www.WhatACountry.com has some of the now quite scarce green tip SS109 5.56 ammo available. Theirs is Australian military M855, in 900 round cans. They also have some original “new old stock” MG-42 antiaircraft (AA) tripods available for just $269 each. These make great stand up range tripods for Class 3 shooters. Mount adapters are made for a wide variety of guns. It is hard to believe that there is still NEW WWII surplus equipment floating around! – JWR

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I would suggest everyone watch this series at least once and preferably two times or more. The World is heading at breakneck speed in the very same direction as we speak. We all know the saying about those who do not know their history and how they are condemned to repeat it… Well, this will truly open your eyes.

Apocalypse World War I. – JFJ

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Video: Nevada police treat mature WA couple driving their classic car like violent felons due to multiple POLICE paperwork errors. – T.P.

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Pop Quiz: How Many Constitutional Rights Have We Lost?. – P.L.

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Empowering Jihad: The Deadly Myth of a ‘Root Cause’

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