Odds ‘n Sods:

Dear Hugh, I had to attend a LEO meeting at the county courthouse. Waiting around between sessions, some local inner-city police there were showing me “another goofy idea” that their higher-ups were considering implementing to make locals “feel good”. Ta-Da! Enter “Alternative Ballistics”. I asked these officers: “If you ran up against an armed criminal with speed the likes of Ed McGivern or Jerry Miculek, can you mount this device in, say 1/2 second, before your adversary gets off his first shot?” (They called this thing “another ‘widow-maker'”.) Another inquiry as to: “Would you use this at your own home for your family’s defense?” THAT ONE brought twisted facial smirks, scowls, raised eyebrows, and a “get real!”

How it Works – Alternative Ballistics. – K.W.

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ATF and EPA quietly working on gun control with ammunition bans. – B.B.

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ID thieves target kids in the wake of huge hack. – D.S.

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DHS: You right wingnuts are worse than ISIS. – G.P.

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Obama’s Drone War Death Count Surpasses Spanish Inquisition

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