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A review of JWR’s Tools for Survival by John Walker has been posted. SurvivalBlog considers it an honor to have a review written by Walker, who is a legendary figure in the software world as the inventor of AutoCAD.

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NJ Cops Arrest Gun Owner for “Creating a Risk of Widespread Injury or Damage” – D.S.

It is evident from the photo, the majority of that gunpowder is smokeless (nitrocellulose) powder–NOT black powder–and hence represented no significant risk. I’d be much more worried about a poorly-stored five gallon gas can.

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Those who were around in the 70’s will recognize that we are now full circle. Little Ice Age, Here We Come. – T.P.

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Man sues after police turn off dashcam during arrest

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An interesting blog on Edible Weeds. – T.P.

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Jihad v. Crusades – An Inconvenient Truth… a five minute map presentation of Islamic jihad wars of subjugation (580+) versus the couple dozen wars of liberation by the Crusading European Christians…communicates the historical truth real quick! – M.B.

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