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Yet another Philip K. Dick novel has made it to the screen. This one is an alternate history story: The Man In The High Castle

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SurvivalBlog Reader JBG sent in this link talking about the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Report. It’s notable that the report references that there were over nine minutes that passed while the shooter had unhindered access to do his evil deeds. Then the report takes a tangent into left field and makes recomendations that would have had zero impact on this school shooting but certainly carry the left’s anti-gun message. Missing from the report is the impact that having armed personnel on this gun-free victim zone would have had.

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SurvivalBlog Reader T.B. writes in from California to confirm the severe drought they are having. They are already ceasing the watering of low-producing trees. He also warns that in the poor conditions, bug infestations on the trees are becoming an issue. Be careful of the advice given over controlling these infestations, too. The local garden center recommended a systemic poison that kills ALL bugs (including beneficial ones, like bees).

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M.D. Creekmore is to be commended for his consistent work since the launch of his news aggregation site, in the summer of 2014: The Daily Collapse Report. Keeping an informative site like that updated daily takes a lot of diligent hard work. (It is noteworthy that most blogs and news aggregation sites are failures, because their editors lack self-discipline, and they abandon updating them. The Internet has become a vast graveyard of abandoned “great idea” projects. Hard work and self-discipline are now rarities.)

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Automatic License Plate Readers Also Gathering Millions Of Facial Photos Daily. – B.B.

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Warning: Facebook video: Off Grid Rotisserie. – BRB

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