Odds ‘n Sods:

Two More Bloomberglar Mayors Bite The Dust! Here is a familiar refrain, folks: Another two members of Mike Bloomberg’s anti-gun “Everytown for Gun Safety” statist cabal (formerly known as Mayors Against Illegal Guns) have been convicted. The first is Lucie Tondreau, the Democrat mayor of North Miami, Florida, “…on [felony] charges of participating in an $11 million mortgage fraud scheme. She faces up to 30 years in prison for conspiracy and wire fraud convictions when she is sentenced March 20.” The other recently-convicted mayor is Mount Vernon New York Mayor Ernie Davis, also a Democrat, who pled guilty to federal misdemeanor tax evasion charges. His sentencing in now scheduled for February 6th.

I suppose that Bloomberg had to drop “Mayors” from his pressure group’s name, because he was starting to run out of mayors that weren’t either facing charges or already been convicted of crimes. – JWR

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N.Y.C.’s new “Strategic Response Group” – Armor, Machine Guns, & Long Rifles. – T.P.

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Meet Loretta Lynch – Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Who Might Be Even Worse than Eric Holder. – H.L.

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Police Union: You Can Have Safe Neighborhoods Or Be Free Of Flashbang-Burned Toddlers, But Not Both. – H.L.

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Student Leader: ‘Hamas & Shariah Law Have Taken Over UC Davis’. – D.C.

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