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Ammunition now plentiful one year after mass shortages . – H.L.

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The movie Atlas Shrugged Part 3: Who Is John Galt? will be released on September 12, 2014. There are 223 confirmed theater locations that can be be found here.

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Swatting continues to be a real issue as more and more people engage in the practice, while police are over anxious to use their SWAT teams. Vice news has an interesting video on the swatting issue. You can also see an example where one online gamer, who was streaming video of himself (a common practice with video gamers), caught a swatting live. The practice is reprehensible, but why did the police have an issue with the live feed? We see this over and over where police will go to extreme lengths to keep themselves from being recorded. – N.L.

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Video: Police search for men who slammed woman to ground, snatched purse at Ocoee Publix. – T.P.

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FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment omits Islamic terrorism. – B.B.

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