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Map: Where Is ‘Open Carry’ Legal? – A.W.

As usual, the American Redoubt shines.

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“Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?” (Part 3 of the movie trilogy)  is scheduled for release on September 12, 2014. (That’s just three weeks away.) Check out the trailer.  The inclusion of a Ron Paul clip and the Lockheed Electra in the trailer both nailed it for me as a “must watch” movie.  (How could I miss seeing how they depict Galt’s Gulch, which is presumably deep in The American Redoubt?)  And BTW, I will also be pre-ordering the movie DVD, as soon as it becomes available. – JWR

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Harvard Professor Warns, CCD is Only the First Alarm Bell from Bees – H.L.

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An interesting series of blog posts from a guy who took the challenge to spend a month eating only what he could grow. Is It Really That Easy to Live Off of Your Garden?

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Backyard Bees, Chickens, and Fruit Trees. How to start Urban Farming.. – D.S.

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