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Article and Video: Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun money up in smoke as pro-gun sheriff wins in Wisconsin – JBG

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St. Louis Cabela’s Protects Guns From Looters. – T.P.

It’s a shame that the population is so on edge that they will use any act of violence to perpetuate acts of violence against those who are not involved. I cannot condone the police’s initial reaction, nor their heavy handed response, but neither can the actions of the general population be condoned.

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When money is not a constraint: GUN Linux: On the range with TrackingPoint’s new AR-15s – P.S.

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For those with musical tendencies and a little bit of redneck in them – Video: DiResta AK47 Guitar (AKA the GATTAR). – T.P.

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Looks like Google is getting ready to take a big step forward (and I am sure they are not alone) in being able to visually dig even more deeply into our spaces: Google’s Satellites Could Soon See Your Face from Space. – M.P.

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