Odds ‘n Sods:

We’re All Criminals and Outlaws in the Eyes of the American Police State. – H.L.

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Open Carry Activist Takes a Bold Stand Against County Ordinance… and Wins. – JBG

While The Blaze declares the activist a winner, I’m not so sure. The officer still escalated immediately with no consequences for his actions. At a minimum, the officer deserves a reprimand for such severe escalation right up front. That’s part of the police state mentality problem and how innocent people get killed.

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Armed Liberians ‘Poison’ Wells Killing Villagers under Pretext of Epidemic. – T.P.

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BLM, local law enforcement tensions near breaking point in the West. – B.B.

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Pastors to defy IRS snoops by daring them to place them under arrest. – B.B.

Why wait for an “annual” day. Every day should be a “first amendment” day! This is nothing more than an attempt, by those who are deep in sin, to silence God.

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