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I just noticed that SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large Michael Z. Williamson has greatly expanded his line of custom knives. Take a look! – JWR

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Video: A Texting Guy Almost Runs Into A Wild Bear – W.A.

JWR’s Comment: If news stations in Alaska sent out a helicopter for every sighting of a bear near a house, then the news broadcasts would seem very repetitive and they’d burn up a lot of fuel. This video serves as a reminder to maintain situational awareness.

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Whatever Happened To .32 Caliber? The great thing about the new. 327 magnum is the Ruger that is currently made for the round can fire H and R magnum, S and W Long, and S and W short. S and W did make the model 632 but only for a short time. I did just find out about it because I thought it would be nice to have since I already have an old S and W model 30-1. But S and W no longer is making it! The new Federal magnum sounds like a good round, and the best part is the weapons that fire it can fire all the other [shorter cartridges]s. – DSV

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Kansas cattle ranchers struggle to recover from devastating prairie fires. Is fire mitigation in your plans and preps? – T.J.

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Sarrah Le Marquand: It should be illegal to be a stay-at-home mum – Really? Do these people have any idea why society is falling apart at the seams? Or is that their plan? – P.M.

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