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NCRenegade posted this great meme about the release of the first increment of Wikileaks Vault 7: Nothing More To Say…

JWR’s Comment: I was amazed to see how quickly the mass media dropped coverage of Wikileaks Vault 7. The implications of the revelations were huge. This was a story much bigger than Watergate, yet it was as if they collectively said: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

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Worldwide Day of Prayer for the nation of South Africa is scheduled for April 22nd. Please pray for peace, brotherhood, an end to violent crime, and good government for that troubled nation. A prayer gathering of one million people is scheduled on that day in the Bloemfontein region, organized by Christian leader Angus Buchan. (Buchan’s life story was told in the film Faith Like Potatoes.)

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I noticed that the Trovit real estate search web page has a category page for houses (nationwide) that feature bomb shelters. – JWR

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One manufacturer digs through the documents of Vault 7 and discovers an unfixable security hole that the CIA knew about in their routers: One simple command allows the Gov’t to commandeer 318 models of Cisco switches – T.P.

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From SurvivalBlog reader DMS: A must have for your preps, bug out bag, and dental kit. Red Cross Toothache! I’ve used it for over 20 years and it is the greatest temporary oral pain reliever out there in my opinion.

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