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I recently bought some “Morale” patches from a small company in Tennessee called MoraleTags.com, and I was quite pleased with the quality of their products and their great service. It is a veteran-owned company. They have a wide assortment of patches, and also sell clever metal hat clips that are laser engraved with logos. (Warning: A few of them are rather crude.) Take a look at their web site. – JWR

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Showing their support of collectivism and the establishment, a group of retired military leaders are fighting to stop the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act. Apparently, those who have put their lives on the line for their country are not responsible enough to own a weapon. – Link sent in by DSV

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An incredible way to control the direction of a felled tree: Tounge and groove – W.A.

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Emerging Cyberthreat: Suspected Hack Attack Snagging Cell Phone Data Across D.C. – A mass hack and tracking of cell phones. – G.P.

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As families alter their food habits to fit their shrinking budgets, echos of WWI are starting to emerge: How WWI food propaganda forever changed the way Americans eat – T.B.

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