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Harvard library circulating ‘fake news’ list, which, of course, includes just about every conservative news site.

JWR’s Comment: Note that dozens of popular news websites and blogs (including SurvivalBlog) made it on their list but are tagged only “unknown.” This seems to be their default tag for any site that they simply dislike because its editorial stance doesn’t match their Progressive/neo-Maoist worldview. It is ironic that they often use the tag “bias” when they are blind to their own bias, which is self-evident. The short “Updates and Notes” section below the table is particularly telling about the strong bias of Melissa Zimdars and her staff. It is noteworthy that there she includes http://www.truth-out.org/ as one of her “sources I trust”, when it is so blatantly anti-Israel that it can safely be categorized as anti-Semitic.

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Deadly fungal infection that doctors have been fearing now reported in U.S. – J.A.

Charming. Just one more reason not to visit hospitals!

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Rod Serling’s “Talking Tina” doll joins your daughter’s internet of things – “The doll maker reportedly recorded children’s conversations and stored them on a server to use in product testing. Meanwhile, Cayla caused such alarm in Germany that the government there advised parents to destroy the doll.” – Link sent in by T.P.

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Video: A city homesteading family – The Dervaes Family lives one mile from downtown Pasadena and grows most of their food on a small lot in the city. – R.S.

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Gun Owners of America: Beware of Republicans’ “Obamacare Lite”! – DSV

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