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Made In China — But Was It Made In A Prison?

JWR’s Comment: This article sent in by reader P.M. is from 2014, but it reminds us that the brutal laogai political prison system is still operating in China.

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Wyoming judge censured for same-sex marriage refusal – D.S.

HJL’s Comment: I’m wondering if our culture has lost the concept of civil disobedience. It seems that individuals are using the label “civil disobedience” as a reason that they should not be held accountable for their actions according to the law. In this particular case, the law makes allowance for the judge’s religious convictions by having him recuse himself from all marriage ceremonies. Why are we surprised when the judge has to pay the penalty for breaking the law? The point of civil disobedience is not to get away with breaking the law but to have the law enforced in a very public manner so that all may see and understand the injustice and be goaded into changing the law.

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Bloomberg’s Anti-National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Editorial Shoots Itself in the Foot – DSV

HJL’s Comment: Related to the above comment, this national reciprocity movement is a dangerous slippery slope. Currently, the states negotiate with each other over whether they will honor the other state’s CCW permit. By taking that away from the states and making it a federal law, you will eventually see the same result as what we saw with DOMA. When a few states recognized LGBT, the conservative right used the majority that they held in Congress to grant power to the federal government to define marriage. When the tide of power turned liberal, this same authorized power was used to enforce the liberal mindset on marriage to all states. This fight for national CCW reciprocity will be no different. While those in power today may be for national reciprocity, you can not guarantee that in 10 years those in power will hold the same view, but they will then have the power to enforce their view, whatever that is, on a national level. This issue is something that belongs in the state governments. If you don’t like how a state honors your CCW, then vote with your feet and your wallet.

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Some Saturday humor that points out how resourceful people can get when searching for something hidden: Shia LaBeouf’s flag replaced. Sent in by P.S.

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The Tin Foil Hatters Were Right Again: ‘CIA Admits to Hacking Cars and Trucks for Undetectable Assassinations’ – DSV

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