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The passing of Jon Cavaiani probably didn’t make the local evening news but JayZ and Bouncie did… very sad. Jon was well known and for many years, a frequent guest and mentor around the 3rd / 12th Special Forces circle. He was an active member in both the Special Forces Association and The Medal of Honor Association, and numerous other Veteran groups. Even if you did not know him or know of him, please take a moment to say a private thank you for his service. – R.L.

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A breath of fresh air; a police officer who knows and honors the Constitution: Attention Police Officers of America, Please Try to Be More Like This Officer

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Dept of Agri Shuts Down Cell of Potential “Agri-Terrorists”: Seed Libraries Outlawed in Pennsylvania – J.H.

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America’s progeny will ask: Why didn’t they impeach him? – B.B.

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Sovereign citizen movement seen by US law enforcement as top terrorist threat: study – T.P.

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