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I have a special request: I’m looking for a quantity of used 5.56mm machinegun cartridge belt links. These are the USGI “M27” links that work with the M249 and Shrike belt-feds. If you have any M27 links without rust that you don’t expect to ever use, then please throw them in a Flat Rate Box and mail them to: Jim Rawles, P.O. Box 303, Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845. Be sure to include a note indicating whether or not you’d like to be reimbursed for the postage. I will gladly do so! Many thanks, – JWR

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Sometimes, You Have To Fight – B.B.

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Time to remember who the real crooks are: Inside Bill Clinton’s nearly $18 million job as ‘honorary chancellor’ of a for-profit college – P.M.

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Venezuelans Are Separating Food from Waste as More People Forced to Eat from Garbage – B.B.

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Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Public university lays off 79 IT workers after they train H-1B replacements – D.S.

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