Odds ‘n Sods:

Big Sur California Crisis. A few weeks of preparations for emergency isn’t enough for these Californians trapped without access to the outside world! The children probably don’t mind missing school, but only in Kalifornia would I imagine a $5,000 fine for trekking without permission! They treat their citizens as if they are mindless idiots! Maybe many are for electing the politicians they have who neglect their infrastructure while restricting such things as trekking, parental choice/rights, and guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. – S.L.

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Required reading for Men and Women. – T.P.

Ladies First: Taming The She-Beast

Guys, listen up: Manly Men

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Oklahoma’s earthquake threat now equals California’s because of man-made temblors, USGS says – G.P.

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First major “smart toys” data leak affects 2 million children – DSV

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‘Tsunami of sewage spills’ in Tijuana fouls U.S. beaches, may have been intentional – P.M.

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