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Emory Hospital to receive 2 Ebola patients – keeper

HJL Adds: Remember, Ebola is successful at creating fear because it has such a high fatality rate and there is no cure. We fear what we do not understand. We fear what can kill us. Put those two together, and it can be intense fear. However, like radiation poisoning, the fear is often unfounded. Ebola, while a wicked virus, cannot be the pandemic that wipes out most of the population because it kills too fast. The onset of symptoms is far too quick for it to be an efficient mass killer. The virus would have to mutate to slow down the onset of symptoms, while still being infectious to pose the serious threat of a world-wide pandemic. Most of the reason it has become so deadly to so many people is because of the behavior of those people and their living conditions. Notice that the disease is relatively localized to very poor countries. Also, the behavior of the average person there has always been to put as much distance between them and the “sick” after finding that they have been exposed. Contrast that with the average first- or second-world country where medical help is readily sought. The conditions of the treatment facilities in these third-world countries is often deplorable as well. The facilities in the U.S. (or any first-world country) are far superior and capable of dealing with infectious diseases. Put another way, if I, a U.S. citizen, were to be infected with Ebola, I would rather be treated by a U.S. hospital than one in Liberia or Sierra Leone. Just because two U.S. citizens are being transferred to a U.S. facility to be cared for is not a reason for panic, rather, it gives them a far better chance of survival.

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WHO: Ebola outbreak ‘accelerating’

A case in point to my statement above. Notice the protective equipment being used by the health workers in the photograph and compare that to what would be used here in the U.S.

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FBI, Armada police block roads to check every single vehicle going in and out of Village of Armada – T.P.

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DHS Report: Tuberculosis And Scabies Spreading In Migrant Holding Facilities – JBG

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What’s Your Post-Apocalypse Game Plan? – G.G.

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