Notes for Sunday – August 28, 2016

August 28, 1883 is the anniversary of the abolishment of slavery throughout the British Empire.

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Readers of SurvivalBlog who use our RSS feed to stay up-to-date will notice that the entire article is no longer available via RSS. You must now click on the “Read More…” or the article title to actually read the entire article. We know this an inconvenience but we have had a series of copy-cat blogs who are posting the entire articles on their own sites using the RSS feed function. Most of these sites are little more than click-bait trying to get you to purchase products from their Amazon store or in their site. After dealing with a couple of sites that absolutely refused to adhere to our copyright and reposting rules on our provisos page, we have had to take the step of truncating the feeds. We’ve even had one site claim in our DCMA complaint against them that they are the originator and we are the poorly behaved competition. Perhaps we will loosen the feed restrictions again in a few months after these fly-by-night sites have collapsed and are gone.

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Thanks for bearing with us over the last 24 hours. The server crashed for an unknown reason and our host brought it back up today. If you missed yesterday’s posts, be sure to read them as well. – HJL

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