Note From #1 Son: Firefox Browser Content Encoding Error

In the past few months, more than a dozen readers have reported a glitch in viewing SurvivalBlog with the Firefox web browser. Firefox is otherwise an excellent web browser and my recommendation as the best browser available.

If you receive a “Content Encoding Error”, while trying to access SurvivalBlog, then there is a problem with Firefox’s cache on your PC–not a problem with our web site. This cache is the local archive that it maintained to speed up loading commonly visited web sites. Occasionally, this archive can be corrupted by your browser, producing a “Content Encoding Error.”

The easiest solution is to have Firefox reload SurvivalBlog entirely, and refresh its cache. When you get the “Content Encoding Error”, press Control+Shift+R, to have Firefox reload the page from the source on our server, rather than your local cache. (If you are using a Mac it’s “Command” key rather than “Control”). This will reload the page, and update the cache, replacing any corrupted data.