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Eastern Oregon has lost a great defender of the Second Amendment: Don Curtis (RIP.) A SurvivalBlog reader wrote to mention some details that were not included in the newspaper obituary: “Don was one of the few remaining Charter Members of Snake River Sportsmen (SRS). He served as our Training Officer on the Snake River Sportsmen Board for many years; in fact since the founding of SRS some thirty three years ago I believe he held that position. Don was a Competitive Shooter participating on the National level in both Small Bore Rifle and High Power Rifle.

He, in years past, dabbled in competitive shotgun and was instrumental in locating and obtaining our first set of skeet houses, which are still in use on our Ontario Shotgun Field. Don both shot on and at various times coached the Army All Reserve Rifle Team and still holds some Collegiant Small Bore Rifle Records.

Don was instrumental in locating and helping us through the maze of Federal regulations in obtaining first on lease and then by purchase of our Vale Range. As an engineer, Don designed and oversaw the development of the Vale Range and at the time of his passing was still involved in the continued upgrading of that range.

Don was a walking encyclopedia of firearms knowledge and didn’t hesitate to share that knowledge with anyone who sought his help.”

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Cheyenne, Wyoming: Residents asking for chickens to be allowed in city limits

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Idaho Constitutional Carry: The ‘GET-ME-REELECTED’ GUN BILL Exposed

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News from Idaho: ‘This is not a gun free zone’: Greenleaf signs send strong message

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Idaho pastor shot after leading prayer at rally for Ted Cruz

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