Letter: Political Debates and Survival

Mr. Rawles: I made the mistake of tuning in to last Thursday’s GOP debate, where I saw no adults on stage, let alone statesmen or leaders capable of putting our nation back on track and ending the erosion of our liberties, much less restore that which we have lost. I have come to the conclusion that the White House is now Hillary’s to lose, and there is little hope, barring divine intervention (which I do not discount and will continue to pray daily for) of preventing a Clinton regime. Discouraged, I went into town the next morning, and, as is my habit, visited my local gun store to chew the fat a bit. (I am only 35 but enjoy the company and experience of some of the older gents that hang about.) As it was still very early, the store was empty, and as I looked around the proprietor (also a friend) pointed a new product out to me. Now, I have an extensive firearm collection that include ARs and .308s along with a number of handguns and other rifles, but I subscribe to your tangibles theory of investment and am always up for a good deal. The prospect of a Clinton presidency and the inevitable reintroduction of a weapons ban, along with a recent unexpected bonus at work spurred me. I’ll spare the details and get to the point: after some dickering and horse trading, I walked away with a Palmetto State Armory AR-15 (a baseline 5.56 similar to DPMS or S&W M&P 15), a Magpul rear-sight for it, seven P-Mags, and 250 rounds of reloaded 5.56 for $753. This was a cash deal. If you agree with me, please advise your readers that rifles and magazines currently at risk for a ban can be had at extremely low prices that will NOT hold should Hillary win in November. In the words of your fictional character Harry Heston (from Land of Promise), “Panic now folks, and avoid the rush!” God Bless, Jason (still) in Kansas